Crysis is here!

Whooo! Time to live over my mates house for a couple of days where his computer can play it on pretty much max out settings. My life stops for this game for the next half-week, well apart from repairing my motorbikes tire to get to my mates house but still…

Its been available for pre-download for a couple of days, pre-ordering services are delivering pretty much as i type this and wider shipping for retail stores started a few hours ago.

Good for you! Give us review of it later!

My thoughts on Crysis:

The Demo was the best demonstration of next-gen technology I’ve ever seen, but it is a system hog, and I am running it on a Core 2 Duo and a 7950GT. The amount of detail and level of interactivity is far beyond any other game, including UT3. It might LOOK similar to UT3 and CoD4, but everything is done in realtime with crysis

Real sky vs skybox in UT3
Screenspace AO vs baked radiosity in UT3
dynamic shadow on everything vs precalculated environment shadow
Fully destructible environment vs static env. in UT3

But until I get a system that can play the game that runs at my native resolution, I am staying away from it.

I watched the “Graphics and Physics Demonstration” video the other day, and I’d have to say, the best part was watching the tank go through the building and the building just shattering to pieces. As well as shooting the tires out on the car as it came down the street, and it actually reacting realistically. Very, very cool. The graphics were pretty cool I guess, but not mind blowing really. It sorta looked like every other latest FPS. But maybe that’s the video quality I was watching. Those who have played it let me know. :wink:
The only reason I won’t be buying it is that I have a AMD 2600+ with a 6600GT. :frowning: GO ME.
But for those that live life on the bleeding edge I’d say this is your chance to see what your computer can really do with all that powarr!!
Plus I read a review in PCPowerPlay yesterday and they gave it a very rare 10/10 rating.
So there you go.

Be careful because it uses Securom as an “anti copying” measure, so your drive may not be able to read it. I really wanted to play this game but until this garbage is removed, it’s a no-go for me. I just hope UT3 doesn’t use it.

I read a review on Crysis on IGN and they gave it a ten.
I wonder how well it would behave on my system (1 gig of ram, Nvidia 6600gt, Intel 3.4ghz Pentium D dual-core processor). A fully destructible environment is what I really like.
Then again, I’m not buying the game anyway.

Why buy it when there will soon be “Alternative Downloads” available :evilgrin:

I usually wouldn’t disagree with you, but come on, Crysis is a good game, and Crytek deserve to get paid for their work. I’ll buy it when I get a new computer, and by then, the game will probably be cheaper, too :stuck_out_tongue:

But if you must…the ‘alternative download’ was available many days before the official North America release.

It wont at all on that system, i doubt you could play it on low settings at 800*600, sorry.

I read the reviews too - It’s supposed to break new grounds . . . well one of these days I give it a go!

There are a couple of places which the game lets its self down:

Sometimes an enemy on a mounted gun in a vehicle has stupid AI, but the rest of the AI is good.

Helicopters never seem to run out of ammo and the first time you come across one you have no means of fighting it apart from waisting 500+ ammo of the weapon you need most for fighting ground enemies. And you cant sneek away from a helicopter no matter how stealthy you are.

Menu glitches, especially after switching resolutions.

Fighting inside the elien spaceship is down right confusing. There’s no gravity and sense of any direction, not even up or down and its just not as fun as the outdoor parts.

The rest is more awsome than i could have hoped for.