Crysis life like rendering

Hello, I have a question for you all, If I was to render a scene to look exactly like a screenshot of crysis

It would take at least 2 minutes to render it on my pc, and yet in the game it renders scenes like this 65 times a second… how is it possible, and can we tap into this technology to get our renders done as fast as they would in a game?

That is easy, Direct 3D & OpenGL devices have dedicated hardware tricks to render make that simple scenes very fast. enormous number of triangles, pre-processed scene data to pre compute almost all invariand values, hand optimized shaders with direct contact to video card vendors.

Taking a look at the code of farbrauschs codes could also show some solutions

thanks for the replies, I now understand why games render so fast, but then to my second question, Can this be incorporated into blender somehow? I mean the closest we have is probably loading our models into unity and texturing them in there then taking a screenshot of the game window (ive just started learning unity)

Alot of what you see is prerendered in game engines. It’s mostly just shaders that make it look good. There is no reason to use a directx or opengl renderer with Blender, besides we have GLSL shaders in the viewport and cycles.