Crystal Ball

This is insane for half an hour of goofing off

I’m the very definition of n00b when it comes to blender, I left this rendering while I hit the gym… I came back 32 minuets later, and it had just finished. If you look closly you can see the future of the universe. You can see the purple aura around the ball. Note the golden stand, It is very shiney. I was too lazy to do a backround, but I think the blue regular with fog surfices. I couldn’t use yafray because it disables halo’s so I surficed actual crystal with lens flare, I think this one was the better of the 2


i really like that effect!
but the wood floor and the blue background doesnt make it look very pretty :frowning:

I like the ball a lot, the idea of it, I think the floor is a bit low res but at the same time I tend to want to look at the whole image as more of a illustration then a photo realistic image maybe.