crystal blend?

How do you change the controls from the arrows and page up/down to something more suitable like w,a,s,d and the mouse? I was going to try and open the FPS blend file that blendzo did to see how it looks compared to BGE, can this be done?

if it use’s logic bricks first go to the logic panel and push the buttons shown in this picture:

Tarkata14: I quess he’s asking how to do this in Crystal Blend.

Jhop: I’m not sure, but isn’t the thingy handled by some predefined actor classes? Not sure though, but if it is, then I am not sure if it can be changed so easily. Just can’t remember, because I’ve actually grown to hate CS… after one crash it didn’t work anymore…

And if you’d want the textures to show correctly, you will have to change them from the CS plugin.