Crystal Core


Crystal Core is a game that has been undergoing work for some considerable amount of time. It is an OpenSource project based on the crystal space engine (stop reading if you want pay now).

At the moment we have a game which you can download and run (checkout crystalcore module from crystalspace cvs), but we need to produce content to go with that game - and there is considerable content that needs to be produced.

Concept artists are needed to communicate scenes to the group and act as a guide for the modelers to work from.
3D modelers are needed to actually make the content for the game (blender being a definite plus :wink: ).
Even if you think you can just make textures, logo’s, or a HUD using the gimp/inkscape then you are also needed.

Also although there is a story, it is distracting for team members to have to spend time working a story when they could be doing other things :wink:
Therefore we need story writers.

Sound is also a crucial part of any game, and the number of artists greatly outweighs the number of sound artists, yet just as much sound is needed.

Programmers are also welcome, but knowledge of the crystal space engine is a must (since that is what its codebase is based upon).

Human colonists arrive on an alien planet and discover an abandoned civilization. On the planet there are ruins of old alien buildings and signs of heavy fighing (craters, buildings half destroyed by explosions, …). There is also an abandoned alien space station around the planet which is still working more or less. Soon the humans get attacked by strange and awful looking creatures. There are also portals between the space station and some buildings on the planet but they guarded very well. The first thing the creatures do is destroy the space ship of the human colonists. So if they want to get off the planet then they will have to find and fix the technology to repair their own ship or else repair one of the alien ships. So the goal in this game is to find enough stuff in order to repair the ship.

We are now using some fantastic shaders and doing really sexy things using the parallax shader.

You can contact us by going to #crystalcore or by emailing me at genjix aat gmail dot com

Thank you.

looks sharp.