Crystal in Blender Cycles

Hello togehter ! Im trying to make a Crystal in Blender. I watched so many tutorials but none really helped me.
Here is what i have so far (the crystal is ofc untextured)

What i would like to get is something like you can see on the second Picture in the right corner.

Can someone please help me?

Thought the nodes are blured, Jeepster explains what’s going on, so it should be fairly easy to reproduce.

First of all thank you :slight_smile: But sadly the post is not really helping me. The Picture with the nodes is to small to see them fully :confused: has somone else maybe another idear? Thank you in advance.

as Jeepster explains, the base material is based on this:

Then he uses three different textures for the volumetrics (here you can go with VScattering or Emission as you may need), added together.
In the end, a displacement map (that may or not be needed depending on your mesh)

The parts missing for a good tutorial are: coordinates/uvmaps for the volumetric textures (look up for ‘3d volumetric mappings’ or even here in BA a quite big thread about Cycles’ Volumetric Shaders); and illumination (that is the main point for good ‘crystals’ renderings… but was not really the question nor with materials.