Crystal mine - Pre-rendered 3d Game Building

Crystal mine - Pre-rendered 3d Game Building

Looks so adorable!
The crystal material is really cool! :3

Nice work!

Very nice model. Cant wait to see other models of contructions

Thanks :wink: I want to do more, if I have time. I will post them here for sure. Take care.

Awesome! This looks really cool. :slight_smile: I love the crystals!

Thanks mate :wink:

Looks great, i imagine this is inspired by minecraft? :slight_smile:

One of you’re plants appears to be intersecting the rail line, the leaf looks like it goes through the metal. I may be wrong, as i can’t fully see due to the small resolution of the image.

Other than that this looks really nice, the colour’s work well together.

Thanks! Yes, you are correct. :slight_smile: I will fix it later. Take care.

the crystals looks like the once generated in maya, did you import them? or model them?

looks cool. try to make the stone look more like stone though, and make the crystalls a bit smaller.

The berries in the bush in the front stand out a lot. Love the composition.

What do you mean by make stone more like stone? It should be stylized and not realistic. Maybe i pushed it too much but I like to experiment with shapes and play with them.

Everything was created and rendered in blender ( I modeled crystals, not sure why do you think they are from maya ;P) . Crystals can’t be small because buildings would be unreadable on lower sizes (and remember that this is a game building and not just the illustration.)