Crystal Space features and comparision of with other engines

Jorrit, first of all, I´d like to congratulate you for the great effort of making CrystalBlend. It´s looks as a great path for a Blender engine replacement.

I have a few doubts, so I can better plan the development of a few new projects (and the ongoing Brasilia 3D -

How does Crystal Space compares with other engines, such as:

  • Virtools (great… and VERY expensive engine) - Has a mature interface, pixel shaders, good LOD, web player;

  • Quest 3D - Pixel shaders, stable;

  • Garage Games´ Torque engine - great terrain and lighting capabilities, fast, stable;

These are 3 engines we considered using if Blender got rid of it´s engine.

The main interest for my projects is to have an engine that has:

  • High poly count handling
  • LOD
  • Culling
  • Web player
  • RAM usage handling
  • Hardware texture compression
  • Advance logic programming (like Python)
  • Good physics

How are those in Crystal?

Thank you very much.