crystal space plugin for blender

so i found a great tutorial for the blender2crystal plugin. but just wondering, after i install blender2crystal, do i just go about my business as if i wer in the blender game engine?

AFAIK the blender2crystal is rather old and outdated. It doesn’t replace the engine when you press P anyway it just exports a file that can be loaded and compiled in CS

so wuts an alternative to the crystal space plugin? my game runs rather sluggish and it has 0 high poly models, there r only 2 detailed models, 1 hovers under 50 polys, the other hovers below 200. and im not even finished the game! i think the cause is glsl lighting, ive heard its not that efficient yet. so is there any othe rplugin similar to blender2crystal that inst outdated?

If you want you can send me a copy of the .blend and I’ll look to see where you are loosing speed. I’m not a fan of exporters, I use the internal engine exclusively when working with blender.

(I’m trustworthy and won’t steal assets or leak info. I’m only offering help and you don’t have to take it if you’re not comfortable. I won’t be offended)