Crystal Space problems

i’m working on a 3d enviroment and i was going to just use the built in GE.
i’ve been taking a look at crystal space and like what i see and i’ve heard some positive comments on performance.

here’s the problem, dead links everywhere!. i’ve been searchin and searching.

all i need to do is a basic walkthrough. no armature animation. i do need to do trees and follage thats what got me interested in CS. blender GE has alpha problems.

can anyone point me in the right direction, or to some clear simple documentation?

i can’t find a download for crystal2blend, i got cel start. what exaxtly do i need?
i seems a bit overly complicated.


HERE you go… try this one…


Celstart works straight on Linux machines. On XP it’s a bit tricky as the docs seem to be somewhat outdated. When you get it working you will realise that it asks you to pass a 40 MB runtime with your work. Assuming the person at the other end can get celstart running. It’s nice as you can also play with baking physics into IPOs and has awesome fast dynamic lighting and shadows: Programming of game logic has to be done with the celstart tools (one more API to learn). On the other hand there is also IRRLICHT3D, where i see faster results, due to an easier interface, existing tutorials with examples and editors (Visual Editor, Irredit). If you combine two of the examples and learn how to properly lightmap you solved your prob. Performance with precomputed lightmaps allows it to run on old hardware (PII400, GF1DDR). Your game will weigh only a few MB (everything incl., much cleaner). Have a look at the tutorials and maybe Visual Editor to get started. OGRE3D is no good forya as you will need to involve a physics engine for simple collision detection. In IRRLICHT you have octtrees built-in, meaning in Visual Editor you set the model to collision and thats it. I also like the adjustable anisotropy in IRRLICHT, delivering very clear textures even in further distances.

you to pass a 40 MB runtime with your work

I checked, it’s about 8.5 megs zipped.

i can’t find a download for crystal2blend

you want this I think

I checked, it’s about 8.5 megs zipped.

I would like to see this. Please give a file list and the name of the zipper you use.:yes:

Are you saying to use blender just for creating models and use IRRLICHT3D to set up the world?

Have they made improvements to it recently? I was thinking you could only create games with C+ or C#? Curious.

Irrlicht looks wonderful and there are already lots of things already done with Irrlicht.
It looks really great.
Why can’t blender GE use Irrlicht as Rendering Engine. It seems Great. As much as I Know there ain’t no Software that makes 3d Developement as easy as Blender. Similarly Irrlicht is great in Rendering and speed and other effects. Why can’t these two be combined. Rather than ogre3d may be Irrlicht can be used.

I hope someday someone makes irrlicht blender plugin… it is a commonly overlooked game engine, and has some verry sweet features… (especialy to the artist/nonprogrammers)

untill then

Irrlicht will make it so you have to first “port” you models to their format, then you have to run the world editor, load you map editor, and then add your models…

If you are going through this much effort, check out ioQuake 3, or Reality Factory.

Give Ogre a try if you are a programmer , or if you are not a programmer and just like abuse.

As far as “ease of development” is concerned, it is very hard to beat BGE and Crystalspace…

The only thing even close to as easy, involves you owning 3d studio, or XSI, and shelling out a few thousand dollars “Per seat”.

God! I hope we get either CS or Ogre to work with the blender game logic soon…

Crystalblend was a neat idea, I hope Jorrit someday resurrects the project.

Are you saying to use blender just for creating models and use IRRLICHT3D to set up the world?

More or less, yes. As the scene has to loaded by Irrlicht, you better take Irrlicht-Tools. Cool preview and no import problems like messed up smoothing groups and alike. Irrlicht loads almost every 3d format out there.
Therefore you can also use other tools (Blender, Gile[s] or 3dworldstudio or alike) to setup and lightmap your level.
But all the Irrlicht specific adjustments have either to be made in VisualEditor or IrrEdit or have to be coded.
Thats why it is the last step. Try it yourself as a level editor:
and/ or

Yea! 3D - Penguin,

that is one of the most beautiful things about irrlicht!..

it can use common model formats for static meshes!!

.3ds.obj, and .LWO to name a few :slight_smile:

thanks for bringing that up :slight_smile:

3d penguin
It’s probably the test level and some extra images that is in there making your version bigger. With just the plugins and other add ons it was about 25 megs unzipped for me and 8.something with normal windows OS zip. If your version is still different it may be a different version too. It’s true that crystal space is bulky though, a pretty minimal game is 12 megs zipped and up without python, cel, celstart and such.

Yep I think I did last summer. I tried all three, ogre was buggy as was Crystal, and IRRLICHT was so old.

I know, just because its old doenst mean anything. I just thought it didnt take advantage of newer technologies.

I did not like the way the worlds had to be set up. I fought constantly trying to find leaks here and there. But it was fast and fun.

It just felt limited. I still have them all on my system and anything that went with them.

Thanks for the info.

I just thought it didnt take advantage of newer technologies.

Irrlicht is at version 1.3 now. I recommend to update. What kind of “newer technologies” do you think you still need?

Just adding my spoke to the wheel as an irrlicht groupie. Blender and irrlicht is a nice easy combination and it’s very fast to learn. I’ve not tried irredit fully yet as I’ve been away for a while but last I checked it was pretty straightforward to use.
GE integration with Irrlicht? That would be really nice :slight_smile:

I’ve just started with Irrlicht and it’s pretty freakin’ easy. Haven’t done much yet but I actually find it much funner than the BGE, haven’t tried Crystal Space or whatever yet…

Hmm… I’m probably waaay offtopic but ohwell.


let’s just wait till the blender devs wake up and use a better renderer.