Crystal Space .py export not working

(Bear with here, folks, I’m at the very beginning of learning Python and programming in general…)

So I downloaded and compiled Crystal Space using MinGW and MSYS without a hitch, and I’m able to run the walktest and demos. Yay!

So now I want to export a Blender file, but for some reason, the export script doesn’t seem to work. I followed the instructions given here:
with the exceptions that: I’m on XP (shouldn’t make a diff, right?) and I had to rethink where to put the scripts and bpmodules…the instructions want me to overwrite my script folder, or so it seems…?? Anyway, I get the exporter Crystal Space in the export scripts, so something good is happening.

I made a nice box with textures, normals pointing in, camera, and lamp, and then hit the export Crystal space, and this is what I get:

Note the one thing that bugs me: I’ve got Python 2.2.1 installed, but when I do the sys version thing, it tells me I have 2.3.3. What gives? I’ve set my PYTHONPATH to 2.2 in all the ways I’m supposed to (and I’m no longer getting the “blah blah…continuing happily” message.)

(BTW, there is a Crystal Space exporter that has its own installer, but I read somewhere that it lacks the functionality of the Blend2CS python script. And anyway, the download site is broken! :< )

thanks in advance for your help, and go easy on the code - I’m learning![/img]

Python uses indentation to define blocks of code. Indentation errors often come from copying and pasting scripts.

Blender contains a built-in python interpreter. Most versions use Python 2.3 although Blender 2.40 and beyond use Python 2.4.

If you have the correct version installed, Blender can use the python modules on your system. By setting you PYTHONPATH to 2.2 stuff, Blender was able to load enough stuff to trick itself. I doubt that all the 2.2 modules will load properly.

Stiv, you were right: I loaded Python 2.3, (and reset my Pythonpath, of course) and now the exporter works. At least, the GUI for it does. Now if I could just get the darn walktest to work with the “world” I created! It gives me the error “ could not open map file.” I’m sure there’s something I’m not doing, but from what I read in the tut on it, all I need to do is plop the into the data folder, and then run walktest on it. Oh well, back to the drawin’ board. I’m cruising over to the CS forum for an answer. Most likely there was something I didn’t do in my .blend file prior to the export.

thanks for the help!

(btw, I now have IDLE for editing python scripts, so hopefully I won’t get the formatting errors.)