Crystal Space Site Updates

Crystal Space is an open source 3D Game Development Kit with good tools to work with Blender (i.e. conversion and exporting tools).

The Crystal Space site ( has had a number of updates in recent weeks:

  • First we moved to a new server which is a LOT faster. The SourceForge web server really was getting too slow for us. Thanks to Andres for hosting us now!
  • Then we moved CEL (Crystal Entity Layer) to the CS site. CEL is an important project that many projects are using together with Crystal Space so it deserves a more prominent place.
  • We moved all screenshots to the community site. The screenshot link on the main Crystal Space site now points to those. A lot of new screenshots were added. There are some very nice screenshots there now.
  • A new movie section was added containing movies made with Crystal Space or projects using Crystal Space.
  • The Related Projects section has been revamped. It now only contains the active projects and they are ranked based on number of visits.
  • There are links to the free textures and models archives on the community site.
  • We also added a brand new CEL tutorial which uses CS+CEL+Blender+Blend2cs to create a simple but very operational game prototype.


I would probably try out crystal space if it at least had it’s own built in level editor. I plan on using blender for games because one reason you don’t have to mess with exporters.

I 'll try this out.

I suppose making a game with GameBlender is going to be easier to use. However I think Crystal Space is a bit more powerful then GameBlender and the exporter is really not that hard to use.


I’ve got this on my linux lappie… but I cant find any really good documentation on how to get started. Does anyone have any good links or something? Cuase CS looks fantastic… just don’t know how to get started… from the beginning. haha

Some people are currently trying to create a CS level editor from scratch, and many people have tried over the years, but nobody ever achieved anything as complete and stable as Blender. So I think why recreate something as great as Blender? :slight_smile:

However, another option for CS is to use Blender to create individual object models in 3DS, MD2, or Cal3D formats (CS supports a bunch of others too).