Crystal Space

can anyone give me a tutorial on how to make a game with this…if not ill just use gameblender…which
yes is time consuming but cs seems impossible

crystal space is tricky to set up… i gave up for now if u make progress let me know…

yup… yes i did do you need help compiling/ installing?

well yeah ,although if you want ,you can join my site and explain it to everyone under the crystal space forum…
currently empty

I’ve been able to compile and install Crystal Space by following this tut to the letter:

(I’m a total C++ newb, same with Python, so I’m flying blind here.)

I’ve started a discussion about converting .blend files for use as maps in CS in the CS forum, under Support.,738.0.html

I’m just trying to do simple “walkthrough” type stuff at this point; can’t wait to see how complicated it gets when I try to animate something! %|

EDIT: I just got some great help from the forum (see above thread) and was able to make my test world work in the Crystal Space engine.