Crystal Sphere Texturing

Hey everyone,

I am trying to make a magically glowing crystal ball since days now, but i just cant get it right. I have been working with Halo shaders, or putting another light emitting sphere into the other, but it just doesnt look good, the weakpoint here is definatly the texturing, maybe anyone of you can explain has advice or has a link to a good tutorial since i cant find one.

I want to achieve that the ball looks like made of solid mountain crystal with fractures and structures inside and that if i put a lightsource in it you can see it is not only a transparent hull.

Thanks in advance

/Nauk =)

create some crack patterns in a paint program (base color of the crystal ball even when it’s absolutely transparent) Make sure it has a trnasparant background.
Then add a few discs to your scene with the same diameter as your crystal ball. Project your crack texture onto the disc and repeat until you’re satisfied.
I think that will do. Otherwise you would need true 3D textures (volumetric) don;t know if blender supports them.


good idea, gonna try that =) thanks Joost