Crystal Wine Glass

mmmm wine… I prefer white myself, but red looked better in the render.

Very nice - looks great! Well done on the modeling and materials. I see some slight ridges at the base of the glass, but it’s not terrible. Keep up the good work!

Very well done!!! The wine material might not be quite right, but I understand it is really hard to get the right IOR, reflections, etc.

Thanks for the feedback and encouragement Dbugged, very much appreciated.

Good work. I think that the table is too much glossy.

Thanks ImmortalZombie, really appreciate the feedback. I had a bit of trouble keeping the reference subject in the glass long enough…may have to try again tonight… thanks again.

That awkward moment when you know what HDRI is used! Ha, ha!

Not sure if this would help on the wine, but:


Thanks redw. I was torn between polished or a more satin finish. I may giver the satin another go.

haha… foiled again!
Thanks for the links ImortalZombie… a very handy reference… and the absorption tutorial looks very interesting… I think there will be some experimenting tonight… thanks.