CrystalBlend Progress and Search for Sponsors

Hi all. For people who don’t know yet. CrystalBlend is a port of GameBlender to the Crystal Space engine. Check for more information. I just finished a big redesign to make CrystalBlend more modular. This redesign will allow me to plug in the game logic module in other programs (like Blender in the future) and it also allows other people to easily use the game logic module in their own game projects.

However, during developing this I’m hampered by the fact that I have to work on Windows using mingw. Mingw is fine but debugging is very annoying as mingw/gdb doesn’t work very well. I would really like to go back to development on Linux (I’m missing valgrind!) but I can’t install Linux on my computer (laptop from work) and my real Linux computer is breaking down. So I’m gently asking to consider sending a donation to the Crystal Space project if you think this is a worthwhile goal. To donate you can go to the (donation page at CS site) or directly to the (Crystal Space donation page at SourceForge).

Greetings and thanks in advance for your support,

but I can’t install Linux on my computer (laptop from work)

Did you try a “live CD” distribution for this laptop ?

examples: (freeBSD)

Hmm that’s an idea but I have a few problems. First will such a linux distribution allow me to install nVidia drivers? I need the latest nVidia drivers for my card (to do 3D work) and the nVidia driver may want to install stuff in read-only (CD-ROM) space. Can that work?

The other problem is that my laptop is VERY short on disk space so I wouldn’t have room for another Crystal Space built :frowning:


You can do anything with a Live CD that you can do with a normal distribution, and you don’t have to worry about the CD being read-only because its all stored on a RAMdisk it your PC’s memory. Ofcourse once you reboot all your changes are lost. :-?

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                Still trying to survive with windows? Getting tired
                of all those crashes? Afraid of installing a second
                operating system? No Prob… take a Linux Live CD
                out for a spin. Get one free off a Linux PC Mag,
                pop it in your CD drive and reboot.

Its that simple!

Sorry couldn’t resist. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: %|

Keith. 8)

Hmm… ram disk? What if I need the memory for other things? I must say this is sounding less interesting as an option.


It only stores the the differences between your virtual installation and the CD in the ramdisk, so it doesn’t take up much memory. Just try it and see if it works, its not as if a live CD costs anything. (cost of PC Mag maybe, but Live CD’s are bloody useful for recovering data if your installed OS isn’t working anyway, so you might as well buy one.)

Keith. 8)

Well it doesn’t sound like an option for serious development use. If I have to reinstall the video drivers and other things I need everytime I boot into linux then that’s really not an option at all. I can hardly reinstall the system two times a day (this is how much I would boot up the laptop in linux).


Hey I was only answering your questions about Live CD’s, I never said it was suitable for serious development.

By the way, I posted a link in a comment on your CrystalBlend wiki that you might find useful.

Keith. 8)

As I remember Knoppix can store your configureation and you can set a permanent /home/ folder.

I think Games Knoppix comes with NVIDIA drivers, which might make things easier.

You could even build your own distrib (with all the tools you need) from such a live CD.

If you have some time, give it a try :wink:

The Game Knoppix CD-ROM sounds interesting. I will try that one at least.


I just investigated a bit and it will not work :frowning: Knoppix and similar can’t write to NTFS filesystems and my harddisk on this laptop is NTFS. I also can’t repartition it as it is my work laptop and I am not allowed to change that.

So I guess a real linux computer is the only option.


You can use an USB key (FAT |FAT32) to write from a linux Live CD :wink:

How big can those go? I need one to be able to hold a gigabyte or more (for compiling Crystal Space).




Or, you could just go with this:

I’ve got a 40G USB 2.5" hard drive ands it has just one USB cable, no power cable. You could probably get one for <$150 aus (I don’t know about what that would be in Euro’s or US $), allowing $50 for the anclosure (probable alot cheaper) and $100 for the HDD (maybe more).

I suppose if you get a USB HD you could probably just install to that (although I don’t know how much trouble it would be).

I prefer to stay clear of NTFS partitions altogether, and I certainly wouldn’t try to access them in Linux. Linux support for writing to NTFS is still not perfect. :-?

Are you sure you’re not confusing the real Nvidia drivers with the ‘nv’ driver? The real Nvidia drives aren’t opensource and I doubt they could legally be distributed on a Live CD. :frowning:

Keith. 8)

you might want to look into

it can save your changes (saved files, etc) on their cental server. Not sure if it works on drivers though…

If there is a graphic card with possible acceleration detected, you will be asked whether you want to use the Nvidia/ATI drivers. To use this option, you need at least 256 MB RAM.

For games marked with (OpenGL), you will need hardware acceleration in order to play them. I included 2.4.28 and 2.6.10 Kernels, but the nvidia driver is not working with 2.6.10.

So, sounds like it has both nvidia and ati drivers. And I think it has some commersial game demos too:

Legal issues (worldwide):

* If you plan to remaster this CD, you have to ask the vendors of the demos of commercial games (Think Tanks, Mutant Storm, Space Tripper, Marble Blast Gold) for permission.

get vmware