CrystalBlend Questions...

I have a couple of questions about CrystalBlend:

  1. What time frame are we looking at for a fully functional version?

  2. Will you be able to save a runtime file for distribution as in current Blender or will it have to be compiled in Crystal Space always?

  3. Will we still be able to use our python scripting in game produced will CrystalBlend?



I would like to add a question of my own:

How does Crystalblend handle physics and logic tic rates, like 2.34 and before (variable rate) or like after 2.34 (fixed rate)?

Does anyone know these things??? Hello???

?hola? ?Tu comprenda? Anyone there? I must be talking to the computer. Hello computer, how are you? No response. Okay. Well then…

  1. CrystalBlend is in very early stages and no one knows much about the time frame or it’s inner workings yet except for Jorrit.

  2. CrystalBlend will run .blend files from the command line, so no need to re-compile C++ source.

  3. Python scripting support is planned for CrystalBlend but it won’t be anything like the current game engine’s API. None of the current python scripts will ever work in CrystalBlend in the forseeable future.

MagicMan’s Q: See answer to Q1.

Keith. 8)

thanks… that kinda sucks if you can’t create out-of-the-box distributables :frowning: I’ll probably stick to regular blender just because of that… oh well, I’m not anything! still got blender! :wink: