Crystall Ball at rocky terrain

Hello Forum Members,

I’m relatively new at using blender and Im learning day by day something new. This is one of my first renderings with a large scene and using andrew’s rock essentials.

I know it’s a big discrepancy that the reflecting in the crystall ball shows the limited sky picture but I noticed that after rending.

Hey Besa Art,

overall a really good work! Keep it up. The Sun looks amazing.
Only some points i did notice:
-stones in the foreground could have more detail
-the the puddle on the right side looks a little bit to flat(more reflection/variation)
-yeah of course the lack of the sky in the crystall
-regarding composition the crystall could be placed a little bit to the left(but I´m not sure)
hope I´ve helped you a little bit.

best regards

Hi Oktansinnt,

Thank you very much for the helpful critique.

  • That means I have to put a back light or something else?
  • I give you absolutely right. It looks too flat.
  • This is the most horrible thing in this scene.
  • Also an option but I thought in this way the sunlight effect would be lower

Yes, thank you very much. You help me a lot!