Crystals Inspiration

Some of the best Cycles sorcery I had seen!!!

I’ll definitely check out the ‘making of’ if you make the vid!

Amazing! This is exactly what I’ve been planning to do so it’s really nice to see these results.

Top notch!

These are incredible - are they entirely procedural?

I agree with others, I’ve never seen such beautiful materials and renders in Blender. These NEED to be showcased on! to showcase what Cycles is capable of… definitely on the next Cycles reel.

crazy good

So wonderful! You captured the essence of beautiful minerals perfectly.

One thing though, better don’t bevel edges. Crystal faces grow at certain angles according to specific physical and chemical properties of the mineral, and edges between faces are perfectly sharp.

The materials are breathtaking, great work, thanks for sharing!

Very good. Almost perfect. Wait. No… Perfect. :slight_smile:

These are amazing!

@VenomousTBag to your question:
Some of them yes, they are full procedural. For some materials i used mix of procedural + texture masks …

Thank you everyone for all your attention! I really appreciate your comments, suggestions etc.! For sure I will try to improve this quality to the next level. There is always a space of improvement. Thank you again!

Mind blowing, the third one is also my favourite ! Completely photorealistic :slight_smile:
Looking forward for your tuto :slight_smile:


I love it. Really gives a sense of fantasy inside the realism. Great job.

Incredible work! You really show off the power that Cycles nodes have to offer. These images are stunning!

I love the crystal models! They are brilliant :slight_smile: But i think that the Spheres show the intricate details of your shaders much better.

Fantastic renders, 5 stars from me!

Some .blend files would break some hearts here huh … lel : ]
Nice renders.

Nice work! how many samples?

Ще е супер ако пуснеш tutorial! Много добра работа. :slight_smile:

Wow…just wow…! Speechless…give us more! I want to see amethyst :slight_smile:

This is beautiful.
Thats one amazing material you have perfected there.

please share note maps :frowning:

Could you make a tutorial on how to make this?