Crystals Inspiration

thats beautiful ! if you decide to make an animation that would take ages to render tho.

Thank you, I have learned from your render here :slight_smile:

Those are amazing. I am starting to realize the depth of this program’s possibilities, and can’t wait to dive in!

how is the tutorial going? :slight_smile:

Your materials are simply stunning.
Can’t wait to have an high res of your node setup.

outstanding work on materials. this thread has inspired me to get back to doing some Blender work. would love to see a tutorial, along with everyone else posting above :wink:

would happily pay for a tutorial

such a grand job! looking forward for a tutorial on those!

Loved your work and attention to detail. This is very inspiring!

you gave up the tut or sharing some tips?:frowning:

That’s a fantastic work !!

Could you make bigger screen? I can’t see the nodes.

Wow nice study bro! how did you made those cristal meshes, they look awesome!

Great job man. Serious work here.

Raw resources, i love it give it here and ill convert it into cash or shall we make jewelery out of them? :D, haha.
nice work!

Wait… I remember seeing this on CGHub awhile back. Correct me if I’m wrong as I just found out CGHub shutdown. :expressionless:

I would purchase it in a second! These are amazing.

Amazing work! very inspirational

this is amazing!

Those are some fantastic shaders man. I echo brus here - can you give us a higher res setup of those nodes? We really can’t see anything in that screenshot. Great work!!