crystalspace game engine

is this one better than gameblender graphic-wise? also, does it use opengl or directx?

well… I use crystal space and it is…but its alot harder to use…
but if you are good at using the blender one stick with it

but you have choice to also use direct x

is there a precompiled version?

yea… i never looked for one but ive heard of them… if you have microsoft visual studio c++ ill help you compile… then you shouldnt get precompiled…

its alot easier then they make it seem

Be patient. The CrystalBlend project is working to incorporate the CrystalSpace engine into blender. It’s not done yet, but someday…!

should i download crystalspace or crystalblend? can you help me compile in dev c++ ?

hmmm… well

do you like programming with a ge or do you liike using blenders actuators??

well i use actuators for the most part, bu really want to learn python. WHat language would i use in crystalspace?


i have both blender and crystal space in use…
if you want to use python… i think you can…I never tried it
if you use crystal space download cel and then download this…

its a walkthrough on how to make a simple game…its good for learning c++ or if you have no idea what your doing =D

if you like actuators use crystalblend… its still in production though… so I reccomend sticking with blender and cs and cel for now…

im trying to refrain from using anything but blender at moment…
im creating a production team that will only make games with blender and resort to cs when desperate(i wouldnt choose the harder way to make a game)

i personally think its better to just stick with blender, programming is no fun…trust me I know…you spend hours learning…and then you create the thing you want and you realize theirs an error and you have to go all the way back to the error…

just stick with blender, coding is short and sweet… and you dont have to spend hours coding…

ok ill take your advice. When will the game engine’s graphics be enhanced? Will there ever be real time shadows?

lol… not even god can tell you that…lol

j/k well…i heard rumors of revamping the blender ge
but when crytsalblend is done it will be good