CrystalSpace Installer for windows

This is a CrystalSpace installer(.msi) that contains a precompiled sdk of the latest CrystalSpace 1.4 svn, celstart, and blender2crystal installers. It also includes instructions on how to set environment variables, how to export with logic, and how to lightmap your level with lighter2. I especially made this package for artists. If you have any questions or would like to request a tutorial pm me.

Heres the link, enjoy.

Thanks, i´ll give it a shot. I need to reinstall CS on the Winbox and (unlike CS under Linux) remember it involved quite some reading and searching last time.

Alright. I’ve updated the installer and added more external optional features such as CEGUI(for creating 2D menus and huds for your game) and both bullet and ode physics plugins. It also includes OpenAL and ogg. This package was compiled with MinGW and msys and has not been tested on 64-bit operating systems. Heres the link, enjoy!

I tried to download them, but neither link is working.