Cs (aircrafts, intro area)

Good morning,
after proposing pictures in the topic “Screenshot Extra Extra!
I therefore propose a topic regarding my software under development, codenamed Claris Symphonia.

I worked alone on it, about more than a year and a half. I learned 3d with this project, and my first model was my character, because I was told that if I could make a character properly, I would be able to make less complex objects faster.

I found the logic brick system very accessible in order to create cause and effect quickly , it reminded me a 2d creation software “the Game Factory” which I tested some concepts such as synestiesia interaction, but I have not finished games, because my project is not provided for 2d.

Getting back to my software, I would classify it in category “synestesia adventure”, I grant you adventure is vagueness but I do not want too many constraints in terms of gameplay research.

I can’t tell when my project will be completed, I learn blender with it and certain things were long enough to put in place and others will surely again.
My software is divided into one blend per level.

All the scenes offer:

  • A choice of internal camera, shoulder camera with five zoom levels, and kinematic camera .
  • A character control by keyboard (azerty) and 360 controller.
  • An interaction system based on point & click.
  • Two rotation modes for the character, with the mouse or A and E on the keyboard, also with the right stick or the left stick on the 360 controller.

The scene “menu” offers:

  • “commencer”, goes to the scene “habitat” without loading the save.
  • “continuer” going to the scene “Habitat” by loading the save.
  • “controle”, can learn and test the character with the keyboard.
  • “retour”, leaving the software.

The scenes “habitat” and “couloir” offer :

  • day / night cycle
  • Statistics alimentation, endurance and hydratation decreases more or less following the effort of player character and alter the display.
  • An inventory to see the level of statistics and equip or store an item.
  • dress change depending on the day / night cycle.

The scene “habitat” offer :

  • Items to be recovered, a lamp, a sword, a can, a capsule container and a dreamcast controller.
  • A bed to sleep and recover endurance.
  • A sink to fill the can or to wash hands to slowly recover hydratation.
  • An “oven” to fill the capsule container .
  • A shower that could recover hydratation.
  • A switch light on/off.
  • A seat.
  • A door leading to the scene “couloir”.

The scene “couloir” offers :

  • A door leading to the scene “habitat”.
  • Three animated lights depending on the character’s position in relation to empty.
  • A small robot with an obstacle detecting system.

Here’s what I’m working on right now:

  • Logic problem with a 360 joystick controller and his rotation mode 1, when joystick is nearly full the character run, and when forward is full the character walks but he should run.
  • Replace the logic of the mouse cursor by a virtual cursor which can move with the 360 controller.

Here’s what I must do next :

  • Reduced the power of some too powerful lamps.
  • Revision of inventory, item and statistics logic.
  • Revision of the audio system and 3d sound.
  • transform change clothing into item clothing
  • add the possibility to punch and kick.
  • add the possibility to cling edge.
  • Integration of clues about the scenario.

Finally after this long speech, here are links to videos, french subjects, and some pictures (click on it for larger).
I haven’t translated my keyboard and 360 controller plan yet but I make and post it soon.

You can see the evolution of my work in the video called " cs-evolution " that shows a scrolling of a large number of pictures, I will not offer all of my pictures directly here because I have more than four hundred of it and even if I make a selection there would have too much!
So I think offer the following pictures here but not those present in this video (you can see some of it on my french subjects), I hope you understand.

videos : cs-1 - cs-3.00 - cs-evolution - cs-test (en construction) - cs-menu - cs-menu (animé) - cs-4.00 (3 zones)

french subjects : blender clan - jeuxvideo

I realy love it, it´s a game with graphics like “Another World” (a game i played more than one time) and she looks very cool in toon shading.

Pretty amazing, I like the style a lot too. Maybe you could do some kind of setup for the eyeballs, a “track to”, in order to make the character’s eyes to seem to focus on something, the last screenshot would look a lot better that way ^^

Thank you very much, many people quote me Another World and I am very happy even if it was not my render reference, as announced in the topic " screenshot extra extra ", my render reference was the nightmarish Killer7 that I have deviated to a more dreaming style with the use of certain colorimetry, light and filter.
I watched a little the Another World video and I had never really noticed that the character has red hair color too!

I do not use separate balls for eyes, I tried it but I could not place them correctly, it still remained " holes ", so eyes are directly on the body mesh and animated by bones. Thank you for this detail, I need to improve some animations and I will try to think about eyes on this animation too.

For the moment I am still struggling with a joystick problem on my 360 controller, I found the problem but I do not find the error now.
After this, I will developing a virtual cursor that can be moved with the 360 controller, and this control mode will be fully operational.

Strange, her I upload a simple example, hope it helps.


eyebells.blend (36.4 KB)

Thank you Cloud_GL, what I mean by holes is when I tested I did not succeed to placing the ball over the polygons that form the outlines of eyes in the body.

About independent movement of body part, I also reflect on what we can see in “adventure” or “tps” games, for example when the head, chest or arm rotates independently of the body.

I tested this on my little robot with a separate body, a camera and a cannon that moves independently, but I have not tested on an “organic” object because I did not know how to make the connections between different parts correctly.

/haha, you create a WIP for your game, the menu is wonderfull, high creativity level, i think that you have used a lot of time on it.

what I mean by holes is when I tested I did not succeed to placing the ball over the polygons that form the outlines of eyes in the body.

Oh, I see, yeah that’s always an annoying problem working in low ply.

i realy like the menu but it should be in english and not in french, my motherlanguage is dutch but that doesn’t mean i’m gonna make a game (if i would make one) and i do it in my language…
well that’s my opinion

Thank you AncientGreek, I would try to make several versions.

Yes Cloud_GL the low poly is restrictive, it’s partly because of this that I reduce the size of areas while I had not planned to cut as much.

Thank you Leonnn, yes I spend a lot of time to test lot of things, I started by testing a scene menu more “realistic” where we move the character, like this:


And then I deviated my inspiration to my dreamcast and make the menu even more “virtual”.
I still polish up some things, I don’t know really what for the moment but I think something is missing that could make it better,

Besides the presence of the character in the menu, menu that didn’t really relevant to with the game’s story itself, just make me think that she can go “beyond her world”. Well, I think it’s a nice title or subtitle and I found a little nod to “another world”, without forgetting that it goes very well with some of concepts that I intend to put in place as synaesthesia and evolution.

If you don’t know what synesthesia is, here is a video of a rail shooting game called rez using this concept, it’s a game that I hooked particularly despite the category and the limited gameplay.

Hello, after trying to resolve my stick problem, here is an update of my handheld which allows display statistics, inventory, and a new clock.:slight_smile:


the game looks nice hehe …
Cloud_GL-and bout the eye focus thanks for the .blend sample dude this feature was in my plans for the day of tomorow lol
Sbkodama-i wonder what shader ur using for the game ?
Thanks in advance,

Good evening and thank you ShortkeyFmeout2.

The render I use is blender glsl material and toon shader for diffuse and specular.
Reflection of the diffuse and specular of the specular uses the same number.
An emit light with a similar color to the scene is pointing upward to soften shadow.
And everything is filtered by a custom 2d filtre to enlightenment.

New update of my handheld with four action buttons below each stick and a second screen, but I have to adjust the offset shadow / object.


hmmm…i understood everything up to the last line then the 2d filter i didnt get the idea …i mean im still noob but i was wondering if u used nodes or something like that? is that how u apply a custom 2d filter or how does that work? sorry for all those questions but im just curious bout that hehe
thanks in advance,
PS:the last update looks more shiny and lighter which makes it more like acceptable if u know what i mean…

I don’t use a node but a custom 2d filter enable with the blender glsl material, and the actuator custom 2d filter use a python script.

OH ic…i kindof never new what was that actuator for lol …thanks for the class teach ^^

Hello, I have no computer for the moment so my project is stopped. :frowning:
But I have begining to think about a new gameplay quite different from a “free” gameplay.
This new gameplay is inspired by Killer7, Killer7 is composed of rail travel and choice of branch and combat in first person.

I tried a first view of my concept on an old screen shot and I need your opinion on this interface beginning ? :slight_smile:


hello, it’s been a while since I last posted here, I found a computer but it does not allow me to run the game engine but I still try to move forward.

My latest update includes a new player character logic based on a platform style. Move in a fall, move in a fall with plating at wall, move hanging from a ledge, walk, walk with plating at wall, crouching, squatting with plating at Murret, run. I still have to build jumps and add new anim planned by the new logic.

After that I tried a suit and a new hairstyle, and I currently test procedural textures that I would transform on uv texture when I’m satisfied.



Hello, I finally folded my character correctly and I begin the bake of my textures procedural on textures uv.

My curently computer is not compatible glsl so I can’t see this result.
I can see my new uv texture with blender multitexture matérial, but without shader, shadow and normal :




Hello, after update of anim and logic, my cover system is conclusive. :smiley:
This should be finalized within a few settings on the collision’s box size of the character and collisions of the external camera.


Maybe news screens later by editing this message.