Cs (average drones)

(sbkodama) #181

Hello and thank you Smoking_mirror.

I haven’t background programs open and used half size but when I tried to capture there were just no video file created.
For the upgrade to a newer version of blender there was just some little change in scripts since 2.49 but nothing hard.
And about audio I manage sound actuators in character, ia, area and hud with scripts.
Thank you about the environment and the character.
I’m in wait for glsl to improve environments with stencil map to blend some materials between them like dry and wet grounds.

http://nsa34.casimages.com/img/2014/06/27/mini_140627110927664985.jpg http://nsa34.casimages.com/img/2014/06/27/mini_140627110933872704.jpg http://nsa33.casimages.com/img/2014/06/27/mini_140627110939336063.jpg

I fixed :

  • the position of the camera during the option main menu.
  • the xy speed of the character during ends of fall and slide.
  • the perspective during defend and aim.
  • the camera rotation during target and defend.
  • the loop bug in the “no” action.
    I reassigned the pause function (previously available with echap key or start button) to the first choice of the option menu (now available with echap key or start button, instead of enter key or back button).

http://nsa33.casimages.com/img/2014/06/27/mini_140627111926267510.jpg http://nsa34.casimages.com/img/2014/06/27/mini_140627111934654464.jpg http://nsa34.casimages.com/img/2014/06/27/mini_140627111941297178.jpg

(sbkodama) #182

Hello, I recently acquired a computer for a better management of open gl.
I will probably make a video soon.

http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/670971zoneA01b.gif http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/946369zoneA02b.gif

(BluePrintRandom) #183


nice effect :smiley:

(sbkodama) #184

Hello and thank you BluePrintRandom, here is a new gif of the beginning of the game.
I need to setup some little things again and will probably make a video after.


(sbkodama) #185

Hello, I come back to you for the 10 years of my cs. :partying_face:

Although I have posted here first in 2010, I had already started at the end of November 2008 with the modeling of Claris, my first 3D model.

A few years ago a friend showed me unity and I use it since. After learning the logic bricks and then learning and converting most of my logic into python in blender, the C or C ++ of unity was not too complex to handle.

I am always on blender to model, I have extended my level design to the surface with buildings.

Not all the screenshots are up to date, the dunes have been extended and the round building has become square.

I go back, but for how many years. :nerd_face:

(wkk.py) #186

Hello there!

Nice to see you back at it, I think I saw your project on the BlenderClan forums a real while back :slight_smile:

What have you planned for your come back? :smiley:

(Oh and on Unity you might be using C#, not C++?)

(sbkodama) #187

Yes I used to post on both here and there, I began in the end of 2008 on the blender clan, after having finished claris.

I didn’t planned much I’m very sorry. I was in my memories recently, already having some anniversaries in my family, and I thought just yesterday that the 10 year of my cs where the at end of last month. :zipper_mouth_face:

After having learned and converted most of my blender code to unity some years ago I came back to modeling here and there in the begining of this year.
Since unity and blender aren’t in the same software unlike the blender game enging, going from modeling to coding and playing isn’t as fluide, so when I work one I don’t the other, and it can take time before a change.
(Searching about it you seem right with unity using c, I don’t know the others much)

For now I expand the level design and the world, in fondation more than detail, because of dynamics objects.
I skipped a little my mine which I will complete later, I started an upper ground and finished two buildings on it, now I dig the first of multiple underground buildings.

(wkk.py) #188

Awesome, I find it awesome that you keep working on this project, as I used too really enjoy watching your progress back then, and I look forward for new updates :slight_smile:

Share gameplay videos once you can, if you don’t mind!

(sbkodama) #189

Thank you @WKnight02 , I still work on models for now since I’m motivated enough for it.

I don’t mind sharing a video but I would like more than just my character moving around this time,
so I wait to have some interactions with the areas like doors or computers before trying it.

I can still share some screenshots of my blender progress, here my area 0 : moon (home)

Since I stay in blender for now these are blender render, my real time render in unity slightly differ.
Still, comments about my areas, models, designs are welcome to improve them.

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Hello here is a little screenshot of my two average drones, aimed at being modular enough with a container slot on the back and two arms to take, use, or etc.

A bigger one is planned, mostly for transport of marchandises, then I would need to think of some others.