Cs (ground areas, heliport)

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Hello @BluePrintRandom , I tried to launch my project in bge and it take to much time to load. I only use one .blend with all my objects in it and I only separate in multiple .blend when I plan to go in unity to update.

if I want to use the bge I think I need to do the same and separate in multiple .blend, but then use “libload” or something like that to stream the loading of most objects on the fly, a function which I never used.

I also don’t know how interactivity is managed for the libloaded objects, they probably don’t interact directly and mostly use “message” sensors.

About unity, aside from better perfomance, I really like its nodes for animation and build in ragdoll, I remember a ragdoll for bge long ago but it needed to much coding for me to bother,
Also you can’t see it in blender but the “detail texture” allow the use of one layer of texture for far details and a second layer of texture for closer details, for example to blend a texture of detail set in mosaic under a less detailled texture not set in mosaic.

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have you ever seen a building kit? (trim kit) / Atlas?

if you work off 1 material for all your buildings, in upbge you can batch the draw calls for all objects using that material in your level.

I use 1 material for my buildings and 1 material for my world tiles
I am not even batching yet, and it’s quite fast.
here is my own terrain that is splat mapped - and editible in game in bge.

upbge is very strong most people just don’t know it.

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I don’t know what you are talking about with building kit, I haven’t looked at the bge since some years and just heard of upbge, I also haven’t used unity since some time, because I want to update my scenery a lot before going back.

About batch I don’t use much texture and material as you can see, my robot use the same texture as their building for example, but I think I need to set up a lod system before everything else.

I don’t know if you can really see how many object I have in my .blend with the screenshots I provided, I could do some more capture for you to have a better view of my sceneries.

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Hello, I wanted to do a quick prototype in the bge but I have one issue (blender 2.79b).
Everything seem to work fine except that I can’t blend actions. (see edit)

For now I have four types of action listed as =
diagonal = layer 0, display additionnal basic left or right move or none, without constraint.
normal = layer 1 , display basic forward or backward move or stop, without constraint.
dianim = layer 2, display additionnal special left or right move or none, with constraint.
anim= layer 2, display special forward or backward move or stop, with constraint.

I wanted to use action layers and their layerweight to control all the blending with properties.
First, blend actions “motion +z” or “motion -z” with action “motion -x” or “motion +x”, which would create the appropriate diagonale action on the fly, “motion +z-x”, “motion +z+x”, “motion -z-x”, “motion -z+x”.
Second, blend actions “anim” (basic and diagonal) with actions “normal” (basic and diagonal), because some of actions “anim” need a custom blend to actions “normal”, long, short or constant at less than full weight, and a constant can’t depend on the timer parameter blendin of the action actuator or playaction (can it ?).

I tried multiple action actuators but I need the play mode “property” and,
maybe I should retry but I don’t think it worked when I tried some days ago.

So now I use the python playaction() function where I can set frame with property,
but its layers don’t work to play with their layerweight.

EDIT : as promised, I retried the action actuator, its layers work and I think the play mode “property” too.
I managed to show the “diagonal” animation when I hold left or right,
the “normal” animation blend well when I press up or down on top of it,
but when I release left or right while still holding up or down the blending stop straight,
smooth the change in layerweight will fix it maybe ?
I managed to show the “anim” animation but not the “dianim” animation, issue with layerweight probable here too.

EDIT2: Alright, something wrong again, I tried to set the “normal” animation to layer 0 but everytime I release left or right the “diagonal” animation on layer 1 still show whatever its layerweight is, and I don’t wan’t it to stop playing but to fad with the normal animation.

I know I did it on an old version with the arms for aiming, with action actuators if I remember correctly. I don’t know if it’s me or a new bug this time but I won’t bother more alone to find a solution when it isn’t broken elsewhere.

Sorry if some of you wanted to see a little gif or video, but I won’t do a game without good animation blending.
So I reinstailled unity and need to see how messed up my code is here, and will probably just going to continue modeling my areas and robots.

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layers is not priority both of them are not the blend option either.
0 is highest - 10 is lowest priority

put them on different layers and priorities, and set the blend method to like 3 frames or so (so it blend those 2 animations over 3 frames (or set higher/lower to your liking))

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I know what layer, priority and blend are. The animations are already on differents layers as explained earlier, I wouldn’t have tried to set up their layerweight otherwise.

Prority do nothing and blend only blend two animations in the same layer, I don’t care about blend in or out in one layer, I want a custom blend between layer which could be constant.

(sbkodama) #207

Hello, after tweaking some animations again, I thought about the shape of my ground areas.

I moved my mine area at the top end of the road instead of behind the power plant.
The purification area have been expanded and its all-in-one building divided into several.

I plan to change the central area for an heliport and I’m still undecided about the bottom road.

Old :

New :

(sbkodama) #208

hello, some updates of my ground areas.

Purification area, fixing buildings placement, roads and fences:

Central area, replacement of the gantry area by a heliport area:

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is this the same game than in 2010 ?

(sbkodama) #210

Hello, Yes it is the same game.

Long ago I didn’t have much in term of story and areas, it was improvisation that was going kind of nowhere.

But then I remembered an old 2d map in side view I had hand drawn even longer ago, seeing it make me instantly remember the story behind it and I thought it fitted really well in my overall background story with minimal change, and here I am modeling my area now.

Gameplay is still the same as before, rendering changed a little with texture but it was planned since the begining, I still plan a no texture toon rendering too, how I will use the two rendering is set but I still need to refine the details.