Cs (ground areas, heliport)

(rolo_gl) #21

Long time no see, looks like you have been changing also the characters design besides the gameplay, bad thing that you can’t work with glsl tough.

(sbkodama) #22

Hello Cloud_GL.

Yes I have modeled a new clothing more in the context. I also plan to collect accessories all along the game, to upgrade the suit and the capabilities of the character, such as boots, gloves, reactors, or other.

I finished animation for the crouching covered and the run, and I add it now in the logic of my character.

I also changed my camera system, the previous version simulated earthquakes with a bunch of empty and targeting, and it is now direct parented to the neck bone of my character and moves perfectly in rhythm with it.

Finally here are some new pictures of my character covered to a wall.:slight_smile:


(sbkodama) #23

Hello, little update with a video of my automatic cover system. :slight_smile:

(sbkodama) #24

Hello, little update with a video of my 3 new animations for landing after a fall, in external and internal view. ( landing system with detection of 5 differents heights) :slight_smile:

Jumps under construction. Logic for fall, fall wall, hanging, finalized. Animation for fall, fall wall, hanging, on standby.

(sbkodama) #25

Hello Blender Artists, I continued my animation updates, I redid the jump, the speed is now on/off, and rolls.

  • The jump is activated just with space for the moment,
  • Maj switch from walking to running to walking,
  • ctrl switch from to walking to crouching to walking,
    I just finished my rolls logic.

Rolls are made by pressing ctrl (crouching) while walking, and after a roll the character flip directly to the crouching speed.
The crouching without rolling is activated by pressing ctrl if the character is stopped.

I think include a glide by pressing Ctrl (crouching) while running, in the same way as rolls.
And I think of other combos like that, surely I would include my old spin and other.

(sbkodama) #26

Hello, little update with a video of my walk -> roll / run -> glide = crouch. :slight_smile:

(rolo_gl) #27

Haven’t you thought about switching the graphics to multitexture mode? There are a few clever tricks to make things look cool too, like using fake reflexions to simulate ilumination, you know? Or not having glsl is temporal?
Also, aren’t the animation kind of too slow?

(sbkodama) #28

Hello ClouGL.

Absence of glsl is normally temporary, my render reference uses effects such as real-time shadows and shaders that need it.

But with real time “multitexture material” and textures I don’t see lights, and if I remove textures I see lights.
With my first tests using a incompatible glsl rendered and no texture, lights was visible and I thought it already correct.

Regarding the animations too slow I’m on a laptop not very powerful and the video recording also takes resources, to improve the videos I would have to accelerate it a bit.
For the game itself, my last test on a computer compatible glsl were correct, I would have restest today.

(rolo_gl) #29

In multitexture mode, light shading disappears when applying textures happens because it’s a default behavior I guess, but you can force it back to have both light and texture at the same time (even alpha support all at the same time), but the default shading doesn’t support toon shading :\

Well, if the glsl issue is temporal then I guess you wouldn’t need to force your game into multitexture mode, well I like it that way better anyways =D

(sbkodama) #30

Hello and thank you Cloud_GL.
I tried to change values of alpha, but without success.
My textures have no alpha channel and I could simulate it with a blender option, but I tested differents settings for alpha but none of the tested settings allow to see the lights,

Have you an idea of what alpha parameters modify ?

(rolo_gl) #31

multitexture.blend (295 KB)

Here I upload a example file, but I have to say that it seems that it’s been a bit longer than I remembered since last time I worked with it (been working a lot with glsl lately), I didn’t remember it being so unpredictable/unreliable, normally the texture face panel would define how light texture and alpha worked on faces, and if you used a material you could blend a little (with add or multiply). But now it seems rather broken and as you said, using a material with a texture on it render the faces shadeless (unless you select the texture-face button on the material), but you can still blend a little the textures. Also the light button on the texture face panel seem useless at first.

Anyways, the file shows many ways to get some graphics done, I used a red toon shaded sphere in reflection mode to achieve faked ilumination (hand painted with mouse), hope it helps to get you around but not sure if it will useful.

(rolo_gl) #32

multitexture2.blend (298 KB)Okay now I’m certain that at least in blender 2.49a multitexture mode is either borken or not so compatible with my graphic video card, check this other file by playing “P”.

A sphere and cube that were shadeless far from the camera, as soon as you get close enough they become shaded.

(lust4blender) #33

Well you can use multi textures with lights you just have to select the light button in the texture face button windo in the edit menu while in edit mode otherwise they are “shadeless”

(araagon) #34

It looks fantastic!

(sbkodama) #35

Hello and thank you very much.
I was on audiotool to create some soundtrack inspired by my blender game project and called CS5.7# this time, so the game project itself has not gone too far.

Well someone tell me it in the blenderclan, It must be the technique of lust4blender, with in edit mode, select all face, go editing, go texture face, check button “light”, and copy for all selected


Certainly screenshots soon

Thank you araagon, I still have to create all animations for falling and falling wall in each direction, and I also think about a correct jump system.

(rolo_gl) #36

demo.blend (293 KB)

Here I upload a demofile using a very downsampled version of your texture, and an image showing how the 3D model behaves (in my computer at least) depending if it is in multitexture mode or in GLSL. There are 5 sets of pictures because I did 5 test on 5 diferent layers.

Notice that the amount of poligons in the object is different:
Layer 1 is the simplest model, this causes that light on it in multitexture mode looks specially bad or too dark (adding a sub-division modifier can show a big diference on shading behavior).

Layer 2, 3, 4 and 5 have been manually subdivided so they have better behavior on multitexture mode, BUT layers 2 and 3 have received a sub-divide modifier so that the spotlight can be show better on multitexture mode, these subdivisions are totally unnecessary on GLSL.

If eerything looks still shadeless then it may really a graphic card issue tough.

(sbkodama) #37

Well thank you for all of your example CloudGL.
Yes I see light and texture now, I havent GLSL now but it look good in the five capture on glsl, with normal I think ?

(rolo_gl) #38

Yep, the layers 4 and 5 use normal maps, the 4 use it in a similar way you did, in the 5th I took your texture and made a color normalmap from it, and that one I used it for the normalmap map.

(sbkodama) #39

Okay thank you, I bake normal textures in addition to texture for colors at first, but I can’t see them with my current computer, so I decided to remove them and use texture color for color and normal.

Here are some screenshot of my project on “multitexture material” with light and texture.


(rolo_gl) #40

That multitexture version looks better now looks better now ^^, it would make things so easy if automatically blender could discard the information that it can’t use on multitexture mode when switching from one to the other correctly.