Cs (ground areas, heliport)

(sbkodama) #41

Thank you Cloud_GL.

I don’t find good procédural texture for hair so I tested to paint it.

http://nsa26.casimages.com/img/2011/01/27/mini_110127021111270196.png http://nsa26.casimages.com/img/2011/01/27/mini_11012712233957468.png

(sbkodama) #42

Hello Blender Artist,

I upgraded my character at bust and pelvis, it’s not very visible on the model dressed in the suit but the nude model (which I would not suggest capture here) clearly shows the upgrade. :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally, I try now a small “backpack” which is hooked to the suit. :slight_smile:


(sbkodama) #43

Hello, little update of my “backpack” which officially became a dorsal reactor, with complete opening animation and visible reactor. I still do visual effects of reactor in operation and increase the speed of the character. :slight_smile:

http://nsa26.casimages.com/img/2011/01/30/mini_110130023036100869.png http://nsa25.casimages.com/img/2011/01/30/mini_110130023045895735.png

(sbkodama) #44

Hello and welcome back blender artists, :slight_smile: I made few updates since last weeks.

The first update was a manual aim, this animation is played with a property that uses the Y coordinates (height) of the mouse. (you must have the “gauntlet” accessories to use this possibility)

The second update was an update of fall logic and jump logic with ability to jump from wall to wall, and integration of impacts for firing.

Finally my last update for which I have no video:

  • rotation animation mixed with animations of breaks, this animation is played with a property that uses the X coordinates (width) of the mouse.
  • possibility of walking on non-horizontal surfaces with a modified script for impact (you must have the “thigh” accessories to use this possibility).
  • Improved collision box to manage the difference between standing and crouching collision.

I made littles updates since vidéos so they don’t show the current version, like in animation (jump, aim, rotation), vertex paint, accessories, and other thing.

(sbkodama) #45

Hello, I made a short summary video of diffferent functions already integrated. :slight_smile:

  • z, s, q, d = move, swim

  • Shift = run-walk, dragging (while running), up (during fall, hang, swim)

  • ctrl = crouch-walk, leap (while crouching), fall (during fall, hang, swim)

  • Space = jump (during move, hanging, falling against wall)

  • alt = twist (during standing), roll (during squatting)

  • cursor = turn, look, aim (during gauntelet)

  • tab = zoom, aim (during gauntlet)

  • click g = shoot (during aim)

  • C = thigh activate (move on non-horizontal surface)

  • G = gauntlet activate (aim, shoot)

  • R = reactor activate (boost)

(sbkodama) #46

Hello blender artists, here is a new video, all your comments are welcome for bring improvements. :yes:

Updates description :

Rotations (cameras and character):

  • the internal camera and the main pivot of the external camera are relatives to the neck bone,
  • the action of turning neck and bust is mixed with all the basic actions, except the action of pressing the wall (in stanby),
  • the character “track to” an empty parent to the internal camera,
  • the action of manual aim is not mixed with the action of turning.
  • the character turn with the cursor when the action of manual aim is active.

Hang on a ledge:

  • the ability to move against a ledge,
  • the ability to jump from a ledge in all directions.

Magnetic waders:

  • the gravity of the “world” is set to 0,
  • an artificial gravity is directly set in motion.


  • an animation of activation

Some improvements for after video :

  • decrease the bounces of the artificial gravity.
  • animate the legs during movements against a ledge.
  • improve the grip on a ledge in the water.
  • improve the camera zoom shoulder.
  • accelerate the rotation speed for the shoulder camera when action of manual aim is active.
  • incorporate a hud when the gauntlet is on, improve its mesh.

(action = armature animation)

(sbkodama) #47

Good night, new video with improved rebound for artificial gravity, zoom, and especially addition a high-low rotation animation in addition to the left-right rotation animation.

(leonnn) #48

Very cool, I know that this are just testing stuff but Im really happy where the game is goingQ

(sbkodama) #49

Thank you leonnn, I tried to improve the character mesh and uvmap right now.

here is a adjustement screenshots for the head mesh (mouth, nose, eyes) :

http://nsa26.casimages.com/img/2011/03/09/mini_110309062342409007.png >http://nsa26.casimages.com/img/2011/03/09/mini_110309062348386187.png

(sbkodama) #50

Hello, here are new screenshots about my last adjustments and tests. :slight_smile:
(Display Mode blender multitexture Materials)

  • suit color that depends on the health (the black white blue suit indicates maximum health).
  • a central viewfinder in the same way as the mouse cursor (black & white).

an animation of the perspective that depends on speed :
http://nsa25.casimages.com/img/2011/03/13/mini_11031307114283774.png http://nsa25.casimages.com/img/2011/03/13/mini_110313071157493026.png http://nsa25.casimages.com/img/2011/03/13/mini_110313071201787415.png
---------- walking -------------------- runing -------------------- crouching ----------

An external camera shifted to the left when traveling :
http://nsa26.casimages.com/img/2011/03/13/mini_11031307120899211.png http://nsa26.casimages.com/img/2011/03/13/mini_110313073008953066.png http://nsa25.casimages.com/img/2011/03/13/mini_110313073027182344.png
----------- stop ---------------------- walking ---------------------- runing -----------
---------- crouching ----------

An external camera above the gauntlet when Manual Aiming :
http://nsa25.casimages.com/img/2011/03/13/mini_110313073418464109.png http://nsa25.casimages.com/img/2011/03/13/mini_110313073431662103.png http://nsa25.casimages.com/img/2011/03/13/mini_110313073442157983.png
----------- stop ---------------------- walking ---------------------- runing -----------
---------- crouching ----------

an head texture that blends procedural and paint :

http://nsa26.casimages.com/img/2011/03/13/mini_11031310262516901.png http://nsa26.casimages.com/img/2011/03/13/mini_110313102637231309.png http://nsa25.casimages.com/img/2011/03/13/mini_110313102644792185.png http://nsa26.casimages.com/img/2011/03/13/mini_110313102645135938.png http://nsa25.casimages.com/img/2011/03/13/mini_110313103038503207.png http://nsa26.casimages.com/img/2011/03/13/mini_110313102605155377.png http://nsa25.casimages.com/img/2011/03/13/mini_110313100833617884.png http://nsa25.casimages.com/img/2011/03/13/mini_1103131019542472.png http://nsa25.casimages.com/img/2011/03/13/mini_110313100829966077.png http://nsa25.casimages.com/img/2011/03/13/mini_110313100822749649.png http://nsa25.casimages.com/img/2011/03/13/mini_110313100805342930.png

(SolarLune) #51

Nice graphics. I’m not sure if this is possible in Multitexture mode, but you may want to make the light parts of her suit Emit enabled, so that they glow - it would be a nice effect. Anyway, it looks good.

(sbkodama) #52

Hello and thank you SolarLune. :slight_smile:

I could make it easily on glsl-mode with illumination filter but I don’t know on multitexture.

Now I have to adjust the placement of the external camera to improve its collision.

But I mostly tried painting folds on the white suit, and I think to mix it with a procedural to add grain, what do you think ? :slight_smile: (display mode blender multitexture materials, 3d view)


(sbkodama) #53

Hello, here is my last grain test for the white of suit. :slight_smile:

(display mode blender multitexture materials, 3d view)

(Cristiano Vitorino) #54

Hey sbkodama, amazing job so far.

I saw the video and would like to make some suggestions: Still and Walk animations are great, but when she walks, it looks like she is “skating”, the walk speed (as in Logic Brick) doesn’t match the walk animation speed (as in Animation), therefore it looks like a bit unrealistic for a Walk Cycle. Another thing that could be improved, in my opinion, is to make a animation for her when she is turning around, because when she is turning around, it looks like she is at a spinning platform of some sort that is turning her, and not that she is turning her body. And the camera work is fantastic.

Great job so far man. And I miss the cool effects :smiley:

(SolarLune) #55

Interesting grain idea - I like it. It’s too bad there’s no more GLSL - still, it’s looking really good. Nice job.

(sbkodama) #56

Hello and thank you kernel_script and SolarLune. :slight_smile:

SolarLune, I thought texture suit was good but the folds rendering is too flat with my real time light.
I disable texture in the video, to improve speed of my computer, but I can make some real-time screenshoot.

kernel_script thank for your suggestions, yes walking was too fast compared to animation, so I slowing walk.
It was probably due to my artificial gravity, it also causes me troubles when high speed collisions with walls.
No leg rotation is too bad you’re right, so I finally included this logic and two animations for each speed, and the frequency of animation activation depends on the position of the stick (or mouse).
Regarding camera I changed a bone in all move animations to suppress the external camera rebound, but now I must make real animations for step aside, more like animation of spin or wheel aside.

Here are some other details of my latest updates present in my last video. :slight_smile:

  • new hair,
  • replace the pivot of external camera,
  • add rotation of legs when character is stop,
  • slow rotation of the neck with the mouse,
  • zoom on left click,
  • camera change on tab,
  • less difference of lens between each speed,
  • a version compatible with a xbox360 controller.

I also improved rotation animations and now they really stick the rotation of the character, but this is not in the video.

(sbkodama) #57

Hello, little screenshot showing the beginning of a hud. :confused:

(sbkodama) #58

Hello, here is a description of my latest updates. :slight_smile:

Head-Up Display:

  • A change camera logo (internal / external / cinema)
  • A change speed logo (walking / running / crouching)
  • an analog clock (am / pm)
  • a stamina gauge (yellow)
  • a health gauge (RGB)
  • zoom.
  • a oxygen gauge (blue)

Rotation Animation improved, with a camera that fits perfectly movement.


  • a endurance property influenced by oxygen, move, and that may limit it.
  • a health property influenced by oxygen, endurance and for the moment, contact with the ground after a fall.
  • A shortcut property, which facilitates the change of interface.
  • a improved fall with global gravity without thigh, and local with thigh.
  • a oxygen property influenced, for now, by water.

New test scene.

(Smoking_mirror) #59

Something I sometimes do with walk animations is to use a property driven animation, then use a speedometer attached to the character. I add a little of the speed to the property each frame and reset to zero if it exceeds the maximum number of frames in the animation. That way you can get a very smooth movement. But it doesn’t mix well with other blended animations, unless you use extra bones.

(sbkodama) #60


Thank you Smoking_mirror, yes I also think about that. But my biggest problem for blend between animation is I activate it with properties, and property changes Instantly so animation changes instantly, and therefore they don’t have time to blend.

Here’s a video featuring improved animation rotation, an loop test area, and the second object of my game.