cs team acid logo, need help


thats what i got in 20 minuts.

my leader says he wants it more liquidy, any ideas?

and what should i do about textures? (i’m not vary creative)

and the top of the acid looks funny,right were it meats the top box.

Thanks for the Help!!!



Have you considered having the acid eating through a piece of metal or something of the like? That would be neat.

that would be cool for a movie but i am going for a banner or logo right now. (even thought the size isn’t right at the moment)


um why are the shadows of the acid do dark?

  • i have a rayspot
    -trashad is turned on
    -ray transparent and ray mirror are on

why isn’y any of the light going thought the acid onto were the shadow is?

I apologize in advance if this sounds like a rant. It really isn’t meant to be.

A good logo design should be simple and compact. It should also be easy to adapt to different media. The simpler, the better. Truly, when talking about logo design, less is always more.

If it were me, I would ditch the whole idea of the ‘acid’ text inside the scene you have now. It’s a cool idea, and logical, but over the long run this will not work as a logo. It would be very cool to put your final logo into a scene where acid dripped onto/around/from it. But only after you have finalized a logo design.

The questions I’d ask are:

  1. What rules/guidelines has the client given you?
  2. How flexible is the client on their guidelines?
  3. Even though “Acid” is obviously a part of the design, what is the logo being used for, and can that be integrated into the design?
  4. How many sketches of potential designs did you do first?

Now sometimes you get people who think that their artists/designers are like marionettes, and by using you to put their bad ideas onto paper, they will somehow end up with a good end product. If that’s the case, then you’ll just have to gut it out and give them what they want (after trying very hard to talk them out of it). But if you have some flexibility on this, I’d spend the extra time and effort.

Thumbnail sketching is essential, in a sort of stream-of-consciousness exploration of possible designs. This is how I do all of my designs, no matter how big or small. It sounds extraneous, but is really very helpful.

Now, if you’re stuck, what I’d do is lose the scene, put the ‘Acid’ text in the center of some empty space, and maybe have the i be the dripping acid. Or alternatively, you could have the text dissolving into a pool of the green stuff.

Hey, I think I need to apologize for the rant again. Are you supposed to be putting the existing acid logo into the scene? I’m sorry. I really need to look and think before I type. :frowning:

thats ok.

well i am in the clan acually and i am kinda doing it for fun, but kinda not since we dont have a logo.

I’ll try what u sugjested

You know, the text thing with the AciD is what made me rethink that post. It’s simple enough to work. I usually lean more toward graphics than typography, and that’s probably why I jumped all over everything.

I probably should’ve spiked my mtn dew before I went to work today. I think I will tomorrow. . .

looks good but looks more like jelly then acid if your trying to make acid.

The textures look nice, but elongate the drips and enlarge the puddles to make it look like it has less surface tension

were do u work noxioux

you need to set the texture settings for the text to ‘cube’ instead of ‘flat’.

I work doing networking type ka-ka, mostly handling our DSL stuff here (everything from the cloud on down to the user) at a small phone co. BUT I SHOULD be doing design and graphics full-time. I got a BA in art, and my background is mostly in graphics and illustration.

Right now I’m just whoring myself to the almighty dollar, doing artwork on the side and lurking here on elysiun because Blender friggin’ rocks. I pretty much stink on Blender, but I have a pretty good handle on traditional artwork and design.

Every once in a while I have to clean up behind the graphics guy here, so I’m kinda testy about that stuff.

As far as your scene, I think these guys have a pretty good idea of how to improve it. The acid is a little thick and gel-looking. My idea of the way acid flows would be more like oil or water. Very thin and viscous.

noxioux, as a fellow graphics and design person, I totally understand your point of view on logo design. Logos are possibly one of the most commonly messed up things in all the visual arts.

noxioux makes some good points about the usability of this logo in the long run. Even though you have decided to go the 3D route, having a full fledged scene might not be the best option.

One possible solution is to have you logo created on a flat surface in 3d. Let’s say you have a flat plane which is untextured or lightly textured. The 3D text is embossed/sticking out from it. Maybe your acid is in puddles around the text, eating into it’s metal and staining the base plane. Not only will this be more usable, but this way you can have the plane be purely white along the edges of the image. So, you end up with a free standing logo rather than a picture in a box.

Hope this helps and best of luck with the project.