Good evening, I hope this thread is correct. I worked on a little electronic music between yesterday and today and I wanted your opinion. :yes: First Echo. The biggest criticism I would make is how it’s stop at the end. I think continuing it but I can not go more than eight minutes,
so I probably would continue it into a second track.

IDK how you should end it but that’s a freakin’ cool [email protected]!

Hello loopduplicate, yes it seems to be a cool site, although this is limited by its connection and that we can’t download his productions so I used audacity to take it.

On my sound, Like all my first tests of audio software, it’s based on the space opera universe that I created for my game and my writtings.:stuck_out_tongue:

As I said I think continue it on a second track and maybe even a third, becaue when I replay it I can’t stop thinking that this is only the intro though it takes about 8 minutes!

Nice drumtrack, the rest is a bit boring. But I’m not the right person to judge this anyway, since I prefer non-CG music.

Thank you for your comment Doggie_B, yes I doubt that differents styles can’t be appreciated by everyone.

What do you mean by non-CG music, the rest is too “virtual” for you or something like that?

Up until not too long ago only way to paint a picture was to pick up a brush or some other tool and start painting. Computers have opened whole new universe where we can play and create things. We simply have no boundaries anymore. The same happened in music world. These days with a computer you can create anything your heart desires.
Personally I cant stand live music. Its just same noisy sounds over and over again. That guitar can only create one specific sound and thats about it so why listen to it for hours? CG music has endless variety of sounds and variety is a spice of life as they say.

Hello, a quick note to offer my reworked “first echo” and two other track “half way” and “last calf”:spin:

Non-CG music is music done with real instruments like guitar, piano, drums, bassguitar, vocals, ect.

WOW, this sight is amazing. love the Firestarter app and was wondering if they give away any VST’s?

Ok Doggie_B, If I could I would do it with real instrument but some thing may be quite difficult to make like this.
Thank Ione, What do you mean by “VST’s” ?

And well I make another part, part4 “On Droid”:stuck_out_tongue: For more understanding about instrumental and atmosphere It’s better to listen each party continuously if you have the opportunity.
I think making new parts soon.

most music synth programs read them and i was wondering if audiotool had any?

Ok, I don’t know if we can connect any real instrument but there is some virtual instrument that we can connect, I haven’t tested it yet.

Hello blender artists, I created a new track on AudioTools today named CS 5.71, related to my blender game project CS (5.7).

I announce that I also created five new tracks of Retro-Futuriste in addition to first echo, half way, last calf, on droid (air born, split up, flying off, recurrence).
And I also duplicated all tracks component Retro-Futuriste for accelerate it and subtitle it “speed on”.

Wrong message during forum overload, who did not that does not count in the “number of messages posted” and did not raise the subject.

Hello blender artist, I made two new tracks on audiotool where I tested tools effects for the first time, hope you like. :spin:


Hello, I made two new tracks CS5.74and CS5.75, and I update CS5.71, CS5.73 and CS5.75. :slight_smile:

Hello Blenderartists, I made a new track called “travel to cs”. :slight_smile:
“Cs” is relative to my blender game project, “cirius symphonia”, so you can listen all “Cs” tracks as an ost.

The site isn’t loading right now, but what music program are you using to make your tracks (can’t really think of one right that limits the length to 8 minutes).

On CG music vs. real instruments, different people tend to prefer one or the other, some claim that CG-music creation provides more freedom while others claim that real instruments provide a richer sound, the way I see it there’s a certain level of merit in points from both sides.

Hello Ace Dragon, for all of this tracks I use the specific program that can be found on the audiotool site.

Yes I see it there’s a certain level of merit in points from both sides, I particulary like when reals instruments tried to make electronic music.

Hello Blenderartists, I made an update of my new work in progress track called “beta for tramissus”. :slight_smile:

“Tramissus” is my space opera scenario which “Cs”, my blender game project, is an annex.