This is the Campain to Stop AO

Are you with me?

no, it is a feature you can choose to use or not

in some situations it creates a nice effect, in others it doesn’t

personally the photoshop grain I see people do annoys me very much, AO grain looks much better [but the samples should be set higher so it isn’t as signficiant]


Jedi Drawn,
what kind of thread is this?

just wondering, why do you have a problem with AO?

it is up to you or not to use it while rendering, kind weird demand I would say…and if you don’t like other people using AO just don’t watch those renders…easy as that.

http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/you. + html

Thank’s, got my second virus today! don’t know if it’s really from that site, cause i’ve been there before without problems (exept that page…) oh well, it’s deleted now :expressionless:

Ow and about that AO, I really don’t mind. I think it’s worse when someone makes a scene with one standard low energy lamp. SO everybody, go and use AO (if you think you need it :P) or leant more about lamps!

oh well, this thread is more off-topic than CG related…moved…

Hahaha, nice one Alltaken. I was thinking the same thing when I saw this thread. We already had one called abuse of AO, it really didn’t have to be spoken about again.

This is like Eric’s thread on banning Poser. It ain’t gonna happen. AO is fine if you use it right. I’m sick of seeing hello world programs by noobs but I don’t think banning IDEs is the way to go about it.

I personally don’t use AO because of the speed/quality and I prefer to have more control over the lighting. Also, I don’t think the renders are very realistic on low settings which they can be with other lighting.

Like ztonzy said:

if you don’t like other people using AO just don’t watch those renders

Just scream into a pillow or something.

:frowning: Caught with eTrust EZ Antivirus

C:\Documents and Settings\Ken\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\8NIVK587\you[1].js
Virus Name: JS.Offiz



no offence alltaken but, u suck! it takes me like an hour to do a virus check so i would just like to saw thank you very much :x


yep I do agree


you didn’t even brought any argument.

well all i get is a Flash animation from that site.

i am assuming that everyone who has a problem with that link is using IE.

i don’t know if its reasonable for me to check all my links on IE, but basicly for me the link is just going to a animation saying “you are an idiot” LOl

perhaps a good reason to try a new browser.


LOL, Jedi you are exceptionally rediculous…

I’m think I’ll add you to my “spammer” list. Don’t worry, you’ll be in good company with Kansas_15, Cubefan, R2Blend, and the other great spammers.

Instead of bashing a good feature like AO, learn to use Blender.

Do yourself a favor, download FireFox. No more worries about IE security holes.

I have to say that Im getting sick and tired of the stupidity displayed on these forums just recently – Makes me wish for a return to the good ole Blender.nl days.

I’d have to agree [except I wasn’t really part of the blender.nl days]


that doesn’t sound that bad to me, and I don’t run IE

so, I just closed the tab [mouse gestures don’t work through flash plugin]


I use AO in everything I do, I also use A LOT of other lamps in my scenes. AO is to add to it, not to replace it.

Those who use AO exclusively, without other lamps, and those who are quote, “campaigning” against AO need to GET A CLUE!!!

I use IE and all it did was open up about 6000 little windows going all over my screen. All it took was a Ctrl-Alt-Del termination of the IExplore.exe process.
Still, not cool at all.

I didn’t make the list? :stuck_out_tongue:

Must of forgotten! I’ll add you right away! :wink:


AO, Euh… What’s that ? :expressionless:
No I’m resiously. :stuck_out_tongue:

I vote that your crazy…

It’s an option, and it’s there and you can choose to use it or not … So I don’t get your point … Why dislike it … it can be very usefull at times … or is it just that you can’t stand the fact that noobs might use it and produce some reasonable looking art … cause I can’t think of any good reason …