Csgo skin

hello so i have this issue im making a csgo skin and my i changed my texture with diffuse color so it looks more metallic budt when i reneder it it renders the texture not the textured i changed with node editor
the bottom image is what i want so i can apply it on the csgo gun ingame to look like that if enybuddy could link me to a video where i can learn this because i dont know what to call it i took a gold texture threw that on and went into principle bdsf and changed the metallic look color hope you can help me :slight_smile:
csgo m4a1 skin.blend (2.9 MB)

CSGO does not use blenders shaders, they use their own:

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so what do i do then ? kinda newbie to the csgo and valve workshop thing

There are several tutorials that should cover it, like the one i linked

ok thank you

do you know how i bake both image down to one texture so i can edit in photoshop with metal texture ??? cant really find eny tutorial on how to bake two materials in blender cycles videos

You mean Combined baking (which bakes whatever shows in the Render?) It’s in the bake type dropdown for Cycles