CSharpen question

In the CSharpen dox is the following statement:

  • marks edges as crease / sharp / seam / bevel weight based off of sharp parameter.
  1. What is this “sharp parameter”, and where is it found within HOps?

  2. Just to confirm: this is applied to ALL edges in the current Object, right?

Sharp is the same as “Set sharp” from the edge menu. It will be applied to either selected edges, or if you do CSharpen, sharp edges defined in Blender, (same as selecting sharp edges in edit mode from the select menu.

I’m sorry: the bit quoted above doesn’t parse for me – is there a word missing?

What I’m confused about in HOps is: applying CSharpen seems to set the bevel weight of ALL edges (since it’s applied in Object Mode), but is there a place within HOps where that weight parameter is set by the user (as a default/temp setting)?

If there’s anywherer you can set the bevel weight, it would be in the addon prefereences, but I am not seeing anything. So I guess it’s hard-coded at 1.0
It was my understanding though that bevel weight etc would only be set based on what are classed as “sharp edges”, not every single edge. Certainly if I ctrl click Sharpen to apply all but the last bevel, it doesn’t affect every edge. Using CSharpen explicitly adds a bevel modifier, but again, “non-sharp” edges are not affected.