CSS / HL2 Blender Community.

Hi. I’m suggesting here, to create a community for us, the people who use blender for half-life 2 and its mods. It will be very useful, because there are now many people I’ve seen asking for SMD import/export scripts and all. In fact, I think there is enough people that maybe have looked for this. I propose to make the forum (I could make a phpbb forum (one of those free forums)).

Also, It would be like if all of us were a big studio. There could be a ‘Requests’ section for animating, skinning, and modeling.

I really think we should do this because a lot of art knives and guns could come out of it.
Please tell me what you think of it, and you could also spread out some ideas. If you code python professionally you could even help in making a few modules.