CT scanned object animated, but turns out black in rendering

Hi all,

I’ve been working with Blender for quite some time now, but only worked with it for quantifying morphometric variation withing this gastropod species (see file). I know how to handle all problems regarding this, but when it comes to the actual goal of Blender (animating) I’m a noob.

So, what my goal is, is to show the growth of this object. It starts from point and ends at the top of the shell. I already made segments out of it and what I want to do is animating the growth. So, each segment goes from transparency 0 to 1, per segment, until the top. I thought it was quite simple, but I hit the wall right now.

When it comes to rendering the object (without starting to really animate with keyframes) I found out that the object remains totally black. What I want, is that is stays grey as it already is.

Could someone help me out and show me the first steps in animating this growth pattern I would like to show during my presentation?

Thank you in advance!!

PS: I added a light and a camera of course :slight_smile:

I am sorry, but your file doesn’t show up, which makes it really difficult to give some advice. Can you re-upload it please?