CTCA's first paid film.

The Chaos Theory Creative Agency is an LLC based in Florida and currently beginning the first of our many projects, and of the multiple things out on the table, the idea of an animated short film sticks out the most to us. The only problem is that none of us at the Agency posses the skill to create an animated short the way we would like to. And rather than spend the months or years mastering the programs, we would like to tackle the project with an experienced animator.

We are looking at a short done in a unique graphic style that will bring out a fantasy combat feel, currently the idea of cel shading seems to stick out the most, but before getting into any real detail; I am really comming here to ask a community of those in the field if comming into a project like this (a 30 to 45 minute full length animated film) with a budget of 10 grand sounds reasonable, not including audio production. If so, I’ll invest all of my time organizing this movie, rather than any of the companies other endeavors.

it depends on what kind of work u want…

10k sounds good…although it ~50k frames, but if its very simple cartoonish animation, I’m sure there’s a whole bunch of animators here willing to work for very low amount…You can hire multiple people to do different scenes, that way you get it done quicker…

Just for perspective, Big Buck Bunny cost 150.000€ with a runtime of 10 minutes. I don’t know what quality level you are shooting for, but 10k probably won’t get you far, even if you outsource to places like India.

If you want to make something that you wont be embarrassed to look at after words, your looking at something closer to 1 million not 10 grand. Thats enough for a tv commercial or two. And thats still a very low budget movie. Very low budget.

Your could ask blender foundation for a quote, they may be able and willing to help you.

you can hire alot of 15-16 year olds on this forum, who’ll do it for pennies cuz they want some experience in professional 3d work…

You’re budget is fine…reduce the number of minutes in the video. maybe like 15minutes would be more reasonable…

Is this a post that’s hiring for a specific position, or are you asking for advice?

(If it is not a specific position, we’ll need to move this thread to another forum)

Well in fact not only teen are only interested. i could also make some small sequences or models just for few bucks. I’m looking now for light job wchich will not take whole days but only a few hours daily. Send me pw if you’re interested and wat to talk about details.

I agree with @2iemniak666, not only teens are interested in this kind of job. I can make props, weapons etc. for a small fee. If you are interested PM me.

It was for a specific position if my proposition was reasonable. But im going to use this thread more as advice and get more together before going to an animator, although I think we will contact some of those who are willing to help us begin building props and weapons ect, obviously a more feasible immediate goal. We will decide what to do from there at this point. Thanks guys.

10 Grand!, sorry but think that an average commercial that is 30 seconds, costs something along those lines, for a short film you can probably have a 4-5 min shortfilm with feature quality animation, lighting and rendering for that, but asking for more is too much.

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