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You may remember back in the good-old days, the Countdown To Extinction project started by WeirdHat and me. I have some very unfortunate news regarding that, the project has been terminated. Workflow was slowing to a snail’s pace, not that much work ever ended up getting done. Team morale really went through the floor ever since NaN and Blender began experiencing problems back in March, and now that, as much as I hate to face facts, Blender has met its maker :(, completing the project would be not only impossible, but impractical.

I want to personally apologize to Goofster, mainly because I lead him on for several weeks with this crazy idea that I would be writing an article about the Project’s supposed “comeback”, which really fell through, for the CJ.

I will continue using Blender and being an active member of the community (mostly on IRC). I have also been learning Lightwave for the past few months.

I am sorry to have to deliver more bad news on top of the bad news already here.


(Goofster) #2

sorry to hear it. dont apologize though, I know I can be a bitch sometimes :slight_smile:

I hope some of the CTE blenderheads will still hang out with us.

Blend and wave on


(ScottishPig) #3

That’s WeirdHat and I.

(CubeFan973) #4

Now what are we going to do about Blender, aside from the Blenderville project and, as I call it, Neo-Blender? Even a thirty-mintue segment would have been worth it to show that though Blender’s progress is dead, it’s community is not.

(SKPjason) #5

James… I’m very sory this had to happen… I thought your project had great potential for showcasing what is possible with a freeware modeling/rendering system. You know me well enough to know I am very sincere in my sorrow to see this project slip away…

Dont take it too hard… these sort of things happen… it’s especially hard to keep a crew going solely by communicating through internet… believe me I know… :wink:

I hope one day we’ll get to see some of the work that was already done for the project… it would aid invaluably in inspiring other potential moviemakers…

Take care… I hope you dont switch fully to Lightwave and abandon us… :wink:


(CubeFan973) #6

Last time I chacked, the site is still up! There’s still some stuff like posters, coffee makers, etc., on the image gallery!


(dwmitch) #7

I would like to address the morale issue.

I noticed that the drop started occurring when I was still involved in the project, and I attribute the decrease in morale to the extremely high expectations for the volunteers. Between work/school and the devotion expected of the volunteers there would have been no personal time. No time for family, no time for friends, nothing. It only would have been worth it if we would have been on the payroll.

(WeirdHat) #8

I would like to point out (I don’t know why James didn’t) that since CTE is no more, James and I are making a smaller project that we could actually finish.

Perhaps sometime we’ll release what we made for CTE to the public, but sadly that is very little…

(CubeFan973) #9

By any chance, is it CTE in a shorter form? Does it contain the characters you created?

(CubeFan973) #10

Do you have a website for the new project?

(WeirdHat) #11

The answers to your three questions are: Probably not, probably not, no.

We haven’t really got any sort of plan yet. I’m sure we’ll mention it here when we think of something.