Cthulhu Final - Intrepid Adventurer

Based on some comments by others and a more indepth study of texturing, I present the final render of “Cthulhu: Intrepid Adventurer” or “Put out that torch!”.

The link below is to the 1280x1024 render.


1280x1024 Render


whoa, scary :slight_smile: a coupla things:

I think the material on cthulhu looks a little plasticky, try bumping up the hardness on the specularity a little bit to make him look wet and slimy.

Also, is cthulhu supposed to look that “orderly?” Maybe it’s just me, but I think he needs to look a little more chaotic and random.

Heh heh I love this piece - “Put out the torch” is about right!
Nice modelling and textures on the Cthulhu creature.

Thanks guys.

qwe- I spent hours on the texturing and shading, however I’ll look into the spec/hard issue further, perhaps there’s something I missed.

As far as cthulhu goes, I followed the description from lovecrafts works.

radishimo- Thanks! I thought the person really put the size of cthulhu into perspective. The eyes were done with LSCM, quite a handy function.


Pretty good texture work, looks like it fits the creature pretty good.

1)go with the cell shading! it rox!!
2)a torch?!! you just blew my fantasy about a hero with a mistic blade who is about to use his skills that he have learned all of his life to slay the deemonic sea monster! (fantasy slayer! :x )
3)good job

put a very very very very very slight displacement map on a stucci texture with nor on very slight will give it a lumpy look :o

Tried that (disp, stucci, nor) Got some very interesting results, ended up settling for what you see here, as it most closely resembled the mythos dialog.

I appreciate the suggestion though.


I like the little man and torch. It really makes the monster look huge. The material needs a bit adjustment. Currently it looks a lot like an inflatable toy :slight_smile:

hmm, ok…

your suggestion?

Looks great, but, I don’t know if this question is really stupid, what is cthulhu?


The one in the site picture looks quite different from your’s :-?

Thanks, cool monster :smiley:

you need finer texture for the main character, otherwise it will not ever look big enough… scale is there yes, but still it looks like giant miniature :slight_smile: so, add more detailed textures…


thanks basse, I’m open to suggestions.

What would you recommend?


maybe a layer (or two?) of very fine noise? it’s the sort of thing you’d have to play around with. maybe use the same texture for these new layers and keep all parameters the same (exactly) except for the scaling.

try uvmapping

I see, all good suggestions, I’ve got a UV map in the works, going to try and get cthulhu to unwrap…

Let’s hope he wants to :wink:

Great concept, you really get a good sense of scale. I agree with the remarks about the size of the texture for the body, I think it might need to be tiled more, but if you’re planning to UV map, then I guess you’ll be painting a matching texture instead of total coverage by one material. (If that makes sense? If not, I mean a light texture under the arms and a darker one above, sort of lizardesque. Sorry I can’t seem to explain what I mean very clearly. :< )

The eyes are really good, perhaps increase the raymir value for them to give a touch of realism.

Good work so far my friend,