Cthulhu is coming to eat you :>

Made for a contest with the theme “Creatures of the night”

Comments and crits are welcome but I am done with this image unless someone suggests something I actually know how to implement. It’s just nice to finish something for a change.


It’s a nice image, but I don’t think a simple wall light would produce that much washout on the wall.

I would loose the ambient occlusion and make the scene a lot darker. More specular on the tentacles.

The tentacle material is the one thing I really wanted to fix but I gave up fighting with indigo and just went with what it wanted to do.

I’m inclined to agree with Bigbad. Otherwise it’s a cool idea.

Way too much AO and the whole scene’s too bright. Give it a more scary atmosphere. And if you want to really scare someone, put some eyes peeking through the crack in the door if you can get them right. The eyes are a monster are usually the most difficult part, but also the most important part. They show how evil the monster is, what mood he’s in, how powerful he is, etc. And it’s the part that actually convinces the viewer it’s something to fear.

It’s a great idea, but right now it looks like something anyone with a dagger could rip to shreds.

I don’t really know if I was going for scary when I made it. This is the thing that has been bothering me. I’m attempting a more everyday malevolence. Y’know… like being attacked by zombies in broad daylight. If you weren’t aware they were going to eat your brain you’d probably just think they were silly.

I think a term I would use would be clean evil… I dunno though I might be insane.

I think the tentacles need some sss…maybe have a light shining down the hallway…like moonlight instead of the light on the wall.