Hello everyone
I want to show you my newest project. Cthulhu
The basemesh was done with Blender - the sculpt itself with ZBrush.

I hope you like it.

Post production with Photoshop.

Awesome work

Stunning work! Desktop wallpaper material. Hahha:D

Thanks a lot.
How long I’ve been worked for the moment that someone says, the picture is good enough for a wallpaper.
Now I know I’m getting better :smiley:

you did a very good job this is definitely wallpaper worthy. The only thing I would add is some mountains in the background , to fill up a bit the image. Or even better a hug cave behind the creature to make it a bit more scary.

Very good work. I especially love the painting like style.

What is the raw Blender output and what did you added with Photoshop?

Thanks and sorry for the late reply.
Kilon, I know what you want to tell me and I totally agree, but this piece is now finished. Well, this is no excuse, but I do not have the motivation … anymore :smiley:

Febell - nearly everything was done in Photoshop.
The psd file is on another harddrive, so I cannot tell you the exact layer number, but I think it were 100-125. Dont know.
Here is the raw render.

Thats ok I took the liberty to add the cave myself :slight_smile: Took 5 minutes with google image and gimp