"Ctrl + A > scale" is making the armature disappear

It’s an armature I got from a DAZ model. I got other armatures from other DAZ models and I didn’t have this problem. I’m wondering if someone can solve this perplexing mystery. Why is the armature vanishing when I apply the scale? How can I apply the scale without it vanishing? anyone has any idea?


armature disappearing.blend (678 KB)

Update (maybe this will help someone figure it out): if I raise the dimensions (not the scale) of the rig not all bones will disappear. The more I raise the dimensions, the less bones will disappear (multiplying all the dimensions by 2 will make no bones disappear)

I still can’t make the armature stay with a smaller size while having scale 1,1,1 though, so the problem is not solved yet.

I figured it out. The problem was that the bones were too small. We could only see them because I put on them on stick display. When putting in normal bone display, I could only see them if I scaled them up by 100.000 times (seriously). So, when we applied the scale, I’m guessing that they became so small that blender could not display and deleted them.

Ty for all that downloaded the blend file and took their time trying to help