Ctrl+At+T is 10 Timer... What is it?

(seval) #1


(VelikM) #2

Timer Menu: This menu offers access to information about drawing speed. The results are displayed in the console. This is from the Blender2.0 guide, it’s not exectly verbose.

(theeth) #3

it’s a function for benchmark or debugging purpose I guess.


(Jamesk) #4

What it appears to be doing is, basically, to redraw/refresh the screen 10 times and calculate how much time was required to do so. It’s useful for testing various settings for OpenGL optimization and after updating graphics drivers for instance. Just open a non-trivial scene, do the timer thing and write down the time you got. Then update your drivers, change your OGL-settings or change your desktop resolution/color depth or whatever - run the timer again on the same scene to see whether it was faster or slower than the first time…

Sorta… Right! Aye.

(seval) #5

Sounds good, Jamesk. Have the manual, but found this one by accident.