ctrl bones are controlling head

I have an interesting problem. I have created custom shapes that work with control bones on a facial rig. They all work just fine while the head is erect. But let’s say that I rotate the head so the eyes are looking up. I get the odd occurrence of the head moving when I use any of the control bones for the face. I am attaching an image to show the result of adjusting say the ear control bone that ends up modifying the head position. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?

What you are doing wrong is not providing your blend file so others can see what you’ve done wrong there. :eyebrowlift:

I would guess that you didn’t properly set up the control bone or related bones. How you might have done that is unknowable without the file.

Thanks Anthony,

Sorry about that. I am including the file. I stripped down all the extra so it would make it easier. I have shape keys on the facial rig that have drivers. the drivers all work just fine and are connected to control bones that are parented to the head bone so that when the head moves, the control bones move with it. The spine has the deform bone and control bones that can be seen in bBone display mode. The lights are on a second layer so if you choose to render you need to have the lights selected as well.

One thing I found, I removed the parent between the control bones and head leaving the controls in a stationary positions when repositioning the head as in rotating the head back. I then tried moving the control bones for the face and they in turn moved or rotated the head so not sure what is going on. The control bones work just fine when the head remains in a vertical position. Any help is greatly appreciated.


TEST.blend (3.52 MB)

The Head bone is parented to D_Head and D_Head has a Copy Rotation constraint pointing to the Head. This is causing the weirdness. It’s a cyclic dependency.

Parent Head bone to Neck bone to fix this. Everything else looks good.

Also, there are some weight painting issues you should clean up. Some of the D_spine bones are influencing the head. This is causing a lot of distortion in the face. I would remove all influence from all bone from the skull area. Only some minor influence from D_Neck (and maybe a little from D-Spine.003) should have any influence in the head area and that should be restricted to under the jaw line.

Another minor thing that will help is to move the armature modifier above the subsurf mod. Also, preserve volume is a good option for maintaining volume when bending. Check it on the armature modifier.

Good luck!

Thanks DanPro, so much appreciate your advice. Works great.


Also wanted to add everything you said improved the character 1000%. I am trying reading books watching tutorials but amazing what small details can do to change things in a model. Your help was very much appreciated.

And on that note, I want to thank this website and all of you who help others with their projects. I hope to be experienced enough to offer that help to others as well. Blender is such a wonderful program for 3D animation and is free. The community is also what makes it happen. Thanks again to you and to all those who help others with their work.

I’m glad to see that you got some help!

Thanks Anthony,

I hope to get to the level many are some day that I can return the favor. Worked like a charm and solid