CTRL Button Not Working

I’m on Ubuntu 12.04 with Blender 2.65a 64, recently had a system failure because of some dang lightning, so I had to reinstall Linux, works better than before but… Anytime I use CTRL in a command, such as “CTRL Z” or “CTRL R” it doesn’t execute the CTRL part, so “CTRL Z” is just switching between wireframe and potato mode, “CTRL R” is rotate instead of adding edge loops.
The CTRL button work in other programs and such, so I know that’s not the problem, any ideas?

Yo! Anyone out there?

Nobody at all has had this same problem or knows what could be going on?

Hey there jack black, I see you’re having a problem, I have been using Linux for quite some time, I may be able to help.

Oh thanks jack black, I surely appreciate it, man the Blender Community sure is helpful with quick responses.

That’s what we aim for around here, we also don’t single out and attack people who have opinions that aren’t mainstream.

Yeah I know, I sure am thankful for that, I was part of a forum one time that attacked me because I was ******, they hated ****** there because they believe differently than other people, in fact they blamed ****** for every single thing that was wrong in the world just because some ****** were bad people.

Yeah, here at BA we’re different, we’re a bit more enlightened than that, we don’t hate people because they’re different or have opinions that don’t match ours, in fact, we’re tolerant and mature enough to except that not everyone believes the same, and that’s ok.

Well thanks jackblack for all your help with my problem, I guess I can label this thing as solved because the great people at BA really care and are willing to help out.

No problem jackblack, the pleasure’s all mine.
And a Happy New Year!

For those of you who’s sarcasm detectors are malfunctioning, me responding to myself was sarcasm. I would love some help with this, but I greatly doubt anyone will help since it’s been half a week with 82 views and not one single solitary soul has replied.

As a treat at Christmas I was wondering how long this thread would last before you exploded.

Anyway, look at this to see if it is of any use http://www.blender.org/education-help/faq/linux/#c1999
Check keyboard preferences in your preferences and window manager or whatever they are called on Linux

Ah, thanks, I guess.

Ya know, the funny thing is, that didn’t solve a dang thing. I don’t have any functionality with CTRL, not matter what it’s combined with, I’m using Gnome btw, not KDE.
I also noticed it doesn’t matter whether I’m root or not, stil no functionality.

You should do some forum searches since this has definitely come up as an issue previously but not using Linux I am unable to test anything.

Holly crap I’m an idiot. I actually solved my problem just now.
So future goobers that may stumble across this same problem must know, I needed to simply disable the “Show mouse position when CTRL is pressed”.