CTRL clicking a collection

Can someone help me with the outliner?
If you control click a collection, it makes all other collections invisible. This is super handy.
However if you control click on the collection again, all of the other collections become visible. If some of the other collections were in visible before the control click, they then become visible after the control click. Ho can I return to the state before the control click?

Click on “Scene Collection” and “Visibility” -> “Show all Inside”

BTW is the CTRL + click a collection new, it didnt work for me on 2.83!?

I am talking about ctl clicking the eyeball on a collection in the outliner. Its kinda like the solo button on an audio console. It hides all the other collections so you can concentrate on a single collection. The problem is when you are done and ctrl click that same collection, all other collections become visible again. It would be ideal if all of the other collections would return to their previous states of visibility.

So, if some collections were hidden before (like all of the empties and curves that never need to be seen or touched) they are now visible.

My workaround was to add everything that needs to be hidden to a shared collection called “hide me” then I can shift click that collection.

Are you talkinga bout the eyeball or the checkbox? What version of Blender?

I know using the checkbox always makes everything forget it’s previous eyeball state.

For solo editing you can select a few objects and press [ / ] key to enter local view of just the selected objects. Press / again to go back to what you were lookin at before.