Ctrl+F Hotkey Not Working

I’ve been swapping over from 3ds Max to Blender over the last week so logically I used the 3ds Max pre-configured hokeys in user preferences. The developers are truly amazing for making that an option.

Title says it all. I am trying to operate primarily through hotkeys and actions for my faces (polys) are mapped to Ctrl+F. Nothing happens when I press the combination though.

Ctrl+V and Ctrl+E work just fine for vertices and edges but face actions don’t want to cooperate.

I am using Windows 10 if that matters.

Thanks in advance for the help!

So I shouldn’t use the 3ds max/maya hotkey presets? I understand the need for uniformity but I work alone. I know I should have just bit the bullet and learned the default Blender controls. I guess I can start learning now. I was just confused why this hotkey in particular wasn’t working. Everything else is working great.