Ctrl + LMB??

Hi Blenderheads,

I was following TorQ’s Better face modeling tutorial where edgeloops are mapped out onto a reference image in the back, and the loops are “supposed” too be connected with “Crtl +LMB.” However, I cannot get into edit mode with no objects in the scene, and all Crtl + LMB does is move my 3D cursor around.

Any help here would be much appreciated~!

maybe there is some better way , but this also does the job , i call it "sacrifise the dummy object "-way :slight_smile: :
add a plane or something else , enter edit mode , press “Crtl +LMB” where you want your vertice to be. now you have your vertice. you can delete the object you added ( the plane in this case )

you need to be in edit mode. Just add an object, delete all the vertices and start adding points!

Thanks so much guys!

Kinda gotta trick blender into working. hehehehehe.
I’m off to model!

No, it’s more like sometimes you have to trick the user into working. Edit mode is for editing objects. Object mode is for adding objects. What happens in edit mode depends on the kind of object you are editing. Hence, you need to have an object of some flavor to edit.

No offense was meant. Coming from other applications, it might have made sense to me to add >> mesh >> vertex or something similar to that to start drawing poly edges, or to have some kind of “Add Poly” tool to perform that kind of fuctionality.

It was all in jest, Blender is the best program by far that I’ve worked with, and it’s FREE. I plan on doing many cool things in blender. Sorry if I offended.

And none taken.

When we work with complex tools, we build mental models of how things work. When we see behaviour that does not fit our mental model, it is confusing.

I was attempting to explain why the ‘trick’ of adding an object and deleting the vertices is not as strange and arbitrary as it may first seem.