Ctrl+R Bug?

Hi all and Happy New Year!

I downloaded the new 2.56 Beta. I extruded an edge from the object below, then I tried Ctrl+R to divide the new face and I did not succeed in dividing it with a new edge being parallel to the other two. Is this a bug?


no -
this happens too with blender-2.55
and even with blender-2.49, but there you get a short
error-message about not able to sort top faces.

If you have to split such a face …
switch to edge-mode, select the two opposite edges
and subdived them … then move the created divided-edge around …

Thank you, I already knew the alternative subd method.

You are right. However, this problem seems to happen only in a closed solid. If I delete one of the adjacent faces, I extrude an edge and I
loop-cut the new face, it works correctly.

No matter this problem is happening since 2.49 as you said, I believe it should be treated like a bug.

Perhaps, but more like something they were not able to implement, for whatever reason, time, priority, other?.

Faster would be to simply select the face and hit Y to spit it from the mesh, make your cut and join it again with remove doubles.