ctrl+r in skin modifier

I’m following Kent Trammell’s video http://cgcookie.com/blender/2013/09/04/art-of-sculpting-human-hand/comment-page-2/#comment-531105, in the beginning about using ctrl+r to put in additional vertices, my 2.70 doesn’t seem to work or I’m doing it wrong. I can add another vertices using W then subdivide, but this changes position of the vertices. What should be done. Thanks


Just move the mouse around until you can see a new edge loop in pink. Then click to add it like you do it in grab mode. You can adjust the position of the edge loop now, click again to apply.

Thanks to JuhaW and abcxyz for their replies and will try these methods.

I watched the video, its loopcut, another way is Subdive command and Alt+D (extend vertices).