Ctrl-R Record Mouse feature : What is it for ?

Hi, When you have set an Ipo, if you hit Ctrl-R, a Record Mouse menu opens, with two choices : Still, and Play Animation.
I have tried many times to play with this feature, without finding out how to use it and what it is for.
I noticed that the selected object is moving according to the mouse displacement and the Selected Ipo, but nothing is recorded (no dots) in the Ipos when I stop the record.
I have tried with the Red Button (automatic key recording) enabled and disabled as well without seeing any difference.
So, What is it this Ctrl-R shortcut for ?
I haven’t found it in the Hotkeys list…
Thanks in advance.


Hi, The first tutorial, which is the most important stops after 1/3 of the video on my computer, so it doesn’t helps a lot.
Finally, I have discovered the trick by myself, after hours :
When you type Ctrl-R, Blender displays this message on a line at the bottom of the 3D window :
Use Ctrl to start. Left Mouse or Space to end.
One thing that isn’t told is that the Mouse movement is recorded Only if the Ctrl key is kept pressed !
If you simply hit the key to start, nothing happens !
In my opinion, the message should be changed.
I realize that I had perfectly understood the function of the record feature for ages, but I had never been able to use it because of this wrong information displayed on the screen !

That’s funny because I tried this feature yesterday, without success. Thanks for the info, it’s a great tool.

Roubal, please see http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/User:Mstram/IPO_Mouse_Recording and update if necessary. thanks

Not the most intuitive indeed… But it’s a funny tool anyway, got some nice animation stuff in 2 mins by just using this… wacky rig dances…

This is a very cool/useful feature, but I would love to see it expanded beyond it’s current limitations (it’s limited to two channels and I believe mouse movement can only be recorded on two axis).

What does everyone else think?

Hi, This time, it is done. I have got the permission for Editing the wiki, and here is the modified page :
As it is my first edition on the Wiki, I hope that I haven’t done any mistake !