CTRL + Rotating?

Hi there… Blender still does fine transformations with the Shift key… does it no longer do stepped transformations with CTRL key?

Ensure snapping is set to Increment on the 3d View header

Ya… this kinda works… but if I recal correctly the Shift/Ctrl option worked when scrolling through vlues in the Properties window as well.
Also… I guess I associate the magnet tool with modeling, and it seems so one way. I guess I could make it into a hot key, but it sure is a minor pain, when Shift(fine)/Ctrl(stepped) was a good blender function to begin with.
I’ll work with it for now, but I don’t know if I’m happy.

Just tried a few sliders/values in the properties window.
Shift = large increment
Shift+Ctrl = medium increment
Shift = fine increment
Same with transforms